Where is Gus Williams today?

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Where is Gus Williams today?

Williams, 66, lives in South Carolina.

How tall is Gus Williams?

1.88 m
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What was Gus Williams nickname?

the Wizard
Williams, whose style of play earned him the nickname “the Wizard”, led the Sonics to the 1979 league title while averaging a team-high 28.6 points per game in the Finals. While in the prime of his career, Williams sat out the entire 1980–81 season due to a contract dispute.

Did Gus Williams have a stroke?

Gus Williams, 66, had a stroke a few days ago and has pneumonia. Family is trying to move him from Myrtle Beach area hospital to a more advanced facility.

How good was Gus Williams?

Gus Williams “The Wizard” became a big part of Seattle’s run to back-to-back NBA Finals in 1978 and 1979, leading the Sonics with 28.6 points per game while also averaging 3.6 rebounds, 3.6 assists and a steal in the 1979 NBA Finals as Seattle avenged their loss to the Washington Bullets the previous season.

Where did Gus Williams go to college?

University of Southern California
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Is Gus Williams a Hall of Famer?

Not in Hall of Fame – 14. Gus Williams.

Is Gus Williams in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Is Tim Duncan retired?

Pop is going to be back and I will be happy to hand it right over to him.” Duncan played 19 seasons for the Spurs before retiring in the summer of 2016. The Class of 2020 Hall of Famer is the only player in NBA history with 1,000 or more wins with one team.

When did Gus Williams play for the Sonics?

Williams led the Seattle SuperSonics to the 1979 NBA title and averaged 28.6 points in the NBA Finals. He was a first-team All-NBA pick in 1982. His No. 1 jersey is retired by the Sonics.

When was Gus Williams drafted to the Golden State Warriors?

May 29, 1975: Drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the 2nd round (20th pick) of the 1975 NBA Draft. October 17, 1977: Signed as a veteran free agent with the Seattle SuperSonics; the Golden State Warriors received cash as compensation. June 18, 1981: Signed as a free agent with the Seattle SuperSonics.

When did Gus Williams join the Washington Bullets?

June 19, 1984: Traded by the Seattle SuperSonics to the Washington Bullets for Tim McCormick and Ricky Sobers. January 6, 1987: Signed as a veteran free agent with the Atlanta Hawks; the Washington Bullets received a 1990 2nd round draft pick ( A.J. English was later selected) as compensation.

How many points per game did Gus Williams score?

An All-American in 1975 (which by itself puts him above many better-known players), Williams then enjoyed a stellar pro career, scoring 14,093 points and averaging 17.1 points per game (by comparison Paul Westphal scored 12,809 points and averaged 15.6).