Where did the Baltimore Ravens come from?

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Where did the Baltimore Ravens come from?

Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Baltimore Ravens/Locations

Who came up with the name Baltimore Ravens?

Edgar Allan Poe
The name “Ravens” was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Raven. Chosen in a fan contest that drew 33,288 voters, the allusion honors Poe who spent the early part of his career in Baltimore and is buried there.

When did the Baltimore Ravens begin?

Baltimore Ravens/Founded

The Ravens wasted no time earning their first victory in franchise history. In their inaugural regular season game, the Ravens defeated the Oakland Raiders, 19-14, on September 1, 1996. A Memorial Stadium record crowd of 64,124 witnessed the historic moment.

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Who is the owner of the Baltimore Ravens?

The Ravens originated when Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell decided to relocate his historic franchise, and he reached a deal with the city of Baltimore to move his team in 1996. After four years without a winning record, the Ravens broke through in 2000.

When did the Baltimore Ravens start playing football?

Baltimore Ravens, American professional gridiron football team based in Baltimore, Maryland, that plays in the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL). A relatively young franchise, having played their first game in 1996, the Ravens nevertheless won Super Bowl titles in 2001 and 2013.

Who is the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens?

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson worked out with free-agent receiver Antonio Brown in South Florida. The NFL is going from 12 to 14 playoff teams. Here are the best teams since 1990 that would have been 7-seeds in the AFC or NFC.

Who was the 2nd coach of the Baltimore Ravens?

01/19: Brian Billick became the 2nd head coach in Baltimore Ravens history when he accepted a 6-year contract from owner Art Modell. Billick, the highly successful offensive coordinator for Minnesota, directed a Vikings’ attack that set a variety of NFL and team records, including the league’s all-time scoring mark of 556 points in 1998.

What football team was in Baltimore before the Ravens?

The title made the Ravens the fourth Baltimore-based pro football team to win a league championship. They were preceded by the NFL Baltimore Colts in 1958, 1959 and 1970, the USFL Stars in 1985 and the CFL Stallions in 1995 .

Did the Cleveland Browns become the Baltimore Ravens?

The Cleveland Browns, as they were constituted in 1995, technically became the Baltimore Ravens. But the records remained in Cleveland, thanks to the deal struck by the league to persuade Art Modell to leave behind the team name and everything else associated with it.

What was Baltimore Ravens first year?

The Baltimore Ravens first game was played on September 1 st, 1996. The Baltimore Ravens became a successful team in a short amount of time, winning the Superbowl in 2000 and 2012.

What city did the Baltimore Ravens move from?

The team plays its home games at M Bank Stadium and is headquartered in Owings Mills, Maryland. The club was established in 1996, after Art Modell, who was then the owner of the Cleveland Browns, announced plans in 1995 to relocate the franchise from Cleveland to Baltimore.