Who is number 33 on the New York Jets?

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Who is number 33 on the New York Jets?

After Boozer retired, no Jets player wore No. 32 for 15 years, until Blair Thomas came along. 33 Curley Johnson: In all honesty, Jerald Sowell was the best Jet to wear No. 33, but he was used for No. 27 already, so this distinction falls to Johnson, who played punter and running back for eight seasons in the 1960s.

Who was the best Jets player to ever wear number 41?

While that may be up for debate, what is a stone-cold lock is that Snell was the best Jet to ever wear No. 41. In fact, after Snell left the Jets, no player wore that number for 26 years.

Who is number 28 on the New York Jets?

Sowell was a terrific role player for the Jets for eight years, thriving as a fullback and special teams ace. 28 Curtis Martin: Ten players wore No. 28 before Martin, and none will wear it after him. The recent inductee to the Pro Football Hall of Fame was as tough and classy a player as there has been in the NFL.

Who was number 16 on the IU basketball team?

A team captain, he earned UPI All-American honorable mention in 1961. Also under consideration: Frank O’Bannon (future governor of Indiana) 16 – Ernie Andres: He wore three numbers (25, 5 also) during his IU career, and neither of his two All-Big Ten seasons came wearing No. 16, but pickings were slim.

Who was the Iowa Hawkeyes football coach in 1985?

Conference championships Season Coach Conference Record Overall Record 1985 Hayden Fry 7–1 10–2 1990 † Hayden Fry 6–2 8–4 2002 † Kirk Ferentz 8–0 11–2 2004 † Kirk Ferentz 7–1 10–2

Who are the University of Iowa football players?

2021-22 Football Roster Number Name Position Height Hometown 1 Aaron Blom K 5-11 Oskaloosa, Iowa 1 Nolan Donald WR 5-9 Morton, Ill. 2 Ryan Gersonde P 6-4 Milwaukee, Wis. 2 Deuce Hogan QB 6-4 Southlake, Texas

Who is number 33 on the Washington Redskins?

Redskins By The (Jersey) Numbers. Redskins by the (Jersey) Numbers: #33 – Sammy Baugh. The one and only Sammy Baugh.

Where was the Iowa Hawkeyes football team ranked?

That team spent most of October ranked No. 1 in both major polls, the highest they had been ranked that far into the season in two decades. Among the legacies that Fry left behind is the now iconic Tiger Hawk logo and a widely reviled pink visitors locker room (better to “calm” the opponents).