How much is a Kobe rookie card worth?

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How much is a Kobe rookie card worth?

Many common Kobe rookie cards can still be had in “raw” form for under $25 but there are many that are more valuable with the Topps Chrome and Chrome Refractor parallels among the most popular. Topps also gave us Finest and the Gold Atomic Refractor parallel.

What is an NBA rookie card?

A rookie card is a trading card that is the first to feature an athlete after that athlete has participated in the highest level of competition within his or her sport. Prices for rookie cards fluctuate based on consumer interest, supply and demand and other factors.

What is a Larry Johnson rookie card worth?

Larry Johnson Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
1991 NBA Hoops NBA Draft Larry Johnson Rookie Card # 546 $0.99
1991 Star Pics Basketball Card FACT Complete Set StarPics Larry Johnson Rookie $6.96
1991-92 NBA Hoops #546 Larry Johnson RC Rookie Draft Card Charlotte Hornets $0.99

Why are rookie cards so valuable?

Rookie cards are worth more than other cards of the same player because they were historically scarcer and harder to come by in top condition than cards issued later in a player’s career.

Which is the most valuable NBA rookie card?

The Late Kobe Bryant passed away in January 2020 and his card remain my top overall target for investment. Kobe Bryant’s most valuable rookie card, 1996-97 Topps Chrome PSA 10, increased from around $5,000 in February 2020 to $15,000+ currently.

How can I find the price of a basketball card?

The “worth” that initially shows is the average price (including shipping) of the results showing on the page. If you get a lot of results that don’t match your basketball card, try adding more details to your search. You can also use the checkboxes to get an average price.

Which is the best rookie basketball set to buy?

The 2013-14 Panini Prizm Basketball set features arguably Gianni’s best base rookie card. eBay auction prices increased from just $3,000 in June 2020 to around $6,500 in August. That’s almost a 100% ROI in just a few months.

How much is a Topps rookie card worth?

Topps also released a “Topps Gold” version of this card, easily noted by the gold foil stamped nameplate at the bottom. They were not as common and in high grade can be worth around $80 or more in PSA 10 condition.

What is the most valuable rookie card?

10 Of The Most Valuable Sports Cards Ever Sold 10. Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card – $94,162 9. Michael Jordan Rookie Card – $100,000 8. George Mikan 1948 Basketball Card – $218,550 7. Bronko Nagurski 1935 Football Card – $240,000 6. Ty Cobb 1911 Baseball Card – $272,980 5. Lou Gehrig 1933 Baseball Card – $274,950

Which sports cards are worth money?

Considered the Holy Grail of sports cards, the Honus Wagner T206 tobacco card is the most valuable ever, selling at $2.8 million. Honus Wagner was a great baseball player and coach, and is viewed by historians as one of the true greats of the sport.

What is the most expensive basketball card ever?

A rare 1997 Michael Jordan NBA trading card has set a record as the most expensive basketball card ever sold on eBay. The 1997 Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan Green Card sold at auction Wednesday for $350,100.00. The auction house that sold the rare card calls it the true holy grail of basketball cards. There were only 10 of the cards made.

What is the most expensive Michael Jordan card?

A rare 1997 Michael Jordan NBA trading card has set a record as the most expensive basketball card ever sold on Ebay. The 1997 Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan green card sold at an auction Wednesday for $350,100.