When did the Arizona Cardinals go to the Super Bowl?

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When did the Arizona Cardinals go to the Super Bowl?

The game was played on February 1, 2009, at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. With this victory, the Steelers became the first team to win six Super Bowl championships….Super Bowl XLIII.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2) (AFC) (12–4) Arizona Cardinals (4) (NFC) (9–7)
27 23
Head coach: Mike Tomlin Head coach: Ken Whisenhunt

Did the Cardinals make the playoffs?

The Cardinals Missed the Playoffs Thanks to a Former AAF QB—and Kliff Kingsbury. All Arizona had to do on Sunday was win, and despite the fact that it was going up against a less-than-healthy Rams team, it couldn’t.

Are the Cardinals in the playoffs 2020?

Louis Cardinals of the Major League Baseball (MLB), a franchise in St. Louis, Missouri. It was the 129th season for the Cardinals in the National League (NL), and their 15th at Busch Stadium III. The Cardinals made the expanded playoffs but lost to the San Diego Padres in the 2020 National League Wild Card Series.

When was the last time the Arizona Cardinals were in the playoffs?

The Arizona Cardinals last made the playoffs in 2015, when they lost the Conference Championship. They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 8 times in their 61 seasons. When was the last time the Cardinals missed the playoffs?

How many times have the Cardinals been to the Super Bowl?

The Cardinals have only been to two NFC Championship Game twice counting this season’s appearance. Its only other appearance was in 2009, a 32-25 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. That was their only appearance in the Super Bowl to date.

What’s the chance the Cardinals will make the playoffs?

The chance the Cardinals make the playoffs if this happens. As you pick winners, the colors on some games will change, reflecting their relative importance for a Cardinals postseason berth. The tables below represent every N.F.L. game remaining.

When did the St Louis Cardinals move to Phoenix?

C St. Louis moved to Phoenix in 1988. The team changed its name from Phoenix Cardinals to the Arizona Cardinals in 1994. D Arizona moved to the NFC West when the league realigned into 8 four-team divisions before the 2002 season.

Can Cardinals still make playoffs?

The Arizona Cardinals are technically still alive in the playoff race at 6-7 and No. 11 in the NFC . It is true, but that doesn’t mean it is likely. They can still make the playoffs, but they have to win all three of their remaining games and get some help.

Where do Cardinals play?

The Cardinals were founded as the Morgan Athletic Club in 1898, and are the oldest continuously run professional football team in the United States. The Cardinals play their home games at State Farm Stadium, which opened in 2006 and is located in the northwestern suburb of Glendale .

What football teams are in Arizona?

Teams based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, or the Phoenix metropolitan area Arizona Cardinals, a football team (NFL), known as the Phoenix Cardinals from 1988 to 1993 Arizona Coyotes, a hockey team (NHL), known as the Phoenix Coyotes from 1996 to 2014

Where are the Arizona Cardinals located?

The Arizona Cardinals are a professional football team based in Glendale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. They are currently members of the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL).