Did any players get hurt during the 2010 World Cup?

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Did any players get hurt during the 2010 World Cup?

▶ The incidence of match injuries constantly decreased from the 2002 FIFA World Cup to 2006 and further in 2010 (2.0 injuries per match; 95% CI 1.7 to 2.3). ▶ Training injuries are frequent during the competition period, and 40% were incurred due to contact with another player.

How old is Brooklyn Beckham?

22 years (March 4, 1999)
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Who was the referee for the 2010 World Cup Final?

Spain defeated the Netherlands 1–0 with a goal from Andrés Iniesta four minutes from the end of extra time. English referee Howard Webb was selected to officiate the match, which was marked by an unusually high number of yellow cards.

Who was the captain of Spain in the 2010 World Cup?

Spain captain Iker Casillas (who per tradition went last) was presented with the trophy by South African president Jacob Zuma and FIFA president Sepp Blatter; As Casillas raised the trophy, a short version of the tournament’s official anthem ” Sign of a Victory ” was played. Manager Vicente del Bosque lifting the trophy with the Spanish players.

How many goals did Spain score in the 2010 World Cup?

In the six games both teams played in South Africa to reach the final, the Netherlands scored a total of twelve goals and conceded five, while Spain scored seven and conceded two.

What was the highest rating for the 2010 World Cup?

This was the fourth-highest rating for a men’s World Cup game behind Brazil’s penalty-kicks victory over Italy in the 1994 final at the Rose Bowl (9.5), Brazil’s second-round victory over the U.S. in 1994 (9.3) and Ghana-U.S. match in 2010 (8.5).

When did South Africa qualify for the 2010 World Cup?

On 6 June 2015, The Daily Telegraph reported that Morocco had actually won the vote, but South Africa was awarded the tournament instead. The qualification draw for the 2010 World Cup was held in Durban on 25 November 2007. As the host nation, South Africa qualified automatically for the tournament.

How many goals were scored in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Only 145 goals were scored at South Africa 2010, the lowest of any FIFA World Cup since the tournament switched to a 64-game format. This continued a downward trend since the first 64-game finals were held 12 years earlier, with 171 goals at France 1998, 161 at Korea/Japan 2002 and 147 at Germany 2006.

Who was the undefeated team in the 2010 World Cup?

New Zealand, with their three draws, were the only undefeated team in the tournament, but they were also eliminated in the first round. Africa was chosen as the host for the 2010 World Cup as part of a short-lived rotation policy, abandoned in 2007, to rotate the event among football confederations.

Why was there no goal line assistant in the 2010 World Cup?

As a result, FIFA announced a review into the use of technology or extra officials at the highest level, but decided against the widely expected fast-tracking of goal-line referee’s assistants for the South African tournament. Supporters watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, with vuvuzelas.