Can you give yourself an atomic wedgie?

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Can you give yourself an atomic wedgie?

Lift up your victim by his underwear and hang it over a doorknob. Remember that your victim has to be pretty light/young for you to do this effectively. Give the atomic wedgie. Lift your victim’s underwear up from the back as high as you can, so high that you can actually lift it over the victim’s head.

What can you do about a hanging wedgie?

One person can restrain the victim while the other deals with manuevering the underwear onto the hook or rope or whatever else is going to suspend the victim in the air by their undergarments. Tips ( self ): Now if you ask me, this is the most common occurence of a hanging wedgie.

Do you have to give yourself a wedgie?

If you get these wrong, give yourself a wedgie! There are very lucky people, and there are very lucky people, the lucky people don’t get to have a wedgie, but for everyone else, it IS optional, so if you didn’t want one, you dont’t have to get one!

What’s the difference between a pants down wedgie?

The one-time owner of the pants must then wear his old waistband as a head scarf . *Pants Down Wedgie: a combination of both pulling the victim’s pants down ( pantsing ), standing on the pants and whilst the victim is trying to pull their pants up, performing a wedgie.

What’s the difference between a wedgie and a Ripper?

A Variation is when a shirt is then placed on the Pole, so they are stuck, also known as a “Scarecrow Wedgie”. *Ripper (or Super) Wedgie: when the wedgie is delivered with so much force that the underwear rips. A derivation of the Ripper Wedgie in which the waistband of the underwear is ripped off completely.

How do you get rid of a hanging wedgie?

Loop the belt through the leg holes and close the strong belt around the clothes rack. Step off the chair or kick it away, and there: An instant and very painful hanging wedgie! thanked the writer. blurted this.

What’s the best way to do a self wedgie?

The first method is tying the rope to the highest door hinge on a door and them tying the rope to your underwear and stand on a stool. Then lift your feet up and you will be hanging. Or you can loop the rope over the door and tie it to something sturdy and tie the other end to your underwear.

What happens if you hang your underwear up?

It’s a bit like hanging your underwear up while you’re still wearing it. Needless to say, you run the risk of doing doing some serious damage to your body from the pressure that a hanging wedgie will place on certain very-sensitive parts of your anatomy! thanked the writer. blurted this.

How long can you keep a wedgie in your underwear?

Try the wedgie for ten seconds in just your underwear, see where the most pain is. If your underwear is digging into your hips put socks where it hurts. If it’s the front that hurts you which it is most of the time, give yourself a frontal wedgie and keep it in for a whole day and while you sleep. Than try it again.