What flag is red on top and bottom and white in the middle?

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What flag is red on top and bottom and white in the middle?

flag of Monaco
The flag of Monaco (French: drapeau de Monaco) is the national flag of the Principality of Monaco. It has two equal horizontal bands, of red (top) and white (bottom), both of which have been the heraldic colours of the House of Grimaldi since at least 1339.

Why is the American flag black?

Where did it originate? The black American flag first appeared during the American Civil War of 1861-1865. Confederate army soldiers flew the black flag to symbolize the opposite of the white flag of surrender. The black flag meant that the unit would not give in nor surrender and that enemy combatants would be killed.

What are the three colors of the Indonesian flag?

Three dominant colors are black, red, and white, which symbolize eminence/death, life, and purity. However red and white, the colors of Indonesian flag, are considered the sacred colors of the nation as they represent the sacrifice and the struggle of the people striving toward their independence.

How tall is the national flag of Indonesia?

The national flag of Indonesia has a simple design with a height to width ratio of 2:3. It is a bicolor of two horizontal equl bands of red (top) iand white. The flag was first adopted and hoisted for the first time on August 17, 1945, following the reaing of Indonesian Declaration of Independence, and officially adopted in 1950.

Which is the official national emblem of Indonesia?

The Constitution of Indonesia 1945 Chapter XV specifies the flag, official language, coat of arms, and national anthem of Indonesia. The Indonesian law No. 24 year 2009 mentioned about the Indonesian flag, Indonesian language, national emblem of Indonesia, and national anthem of Indonesia.

What do red and white mean in Indonesia?

The colors of red and white stand for courageous and the spiritual life, or pure. The following demonstrates some Indonesian ethnic cultures by the significant uses of different colors: Toraja, an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi, practices animism.