Who has had a quintuple double in the NBA?

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Who has had a quintuple double in the NBA?

Wilt Chamberlain, on March 18th, 1968, completed the only quintuple-double in NBA history. This is odd because the league officially began recording blocks in 1973, nearly 5 years later. Our only source of information for this feat is Harvey Pollack, a statistician working for the NBA since its inaugural year.

What is a quadruple triple?

English translation: 2 = double, 3 = triple, 4 = quadruple, 5 = quintuple, 6 = sextuple, 7 = septuple, 8 = octuple.

What is a triple-double in the NBA?

What is a Triple Double? The concept of triple doubles is relatively recent as it was only introduced in the 1979/80 season in order to define the performance of a player who, in a single game, reaches double figures in three of the following stats: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks.

Has an NBA player ever had a 20-20-20 game?

On April 2 in 2019, Russell Westbrook became only the second player in NBA history to record a 20-20-20 triple-double after Wilt Chamberlain (22 points, 25 rebounds, 21 assists) previously did it in 1968. “That wasn’t for me,” Westbrook said. “That’s for my bro, Nipsey man. 20+20+20.

What’s the definition of a triple double in basketball?

A triple-double is one of the most inspiring deeds that a player hardly can achieve on the court in a single game. Yet, it can be defined as a feat when a player reaches double figures in any three of the five statistical categories; rebounds, blocked shots, assists, steals, and scored points.

What does a triple threat do in basketball?

Triple-Threat in Basketball A triple-threat is the most basic position in basketball, especially for a ball-handler. In this position, the player has the option to do one of the three things, dribble, pass, or shoot the basketball.

Who was the first NBA player to average a triple double?

Just one year later, in the 1961/62 NBA season, Robertson became the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double over the course of a season with an insane 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists per game. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How many blocks does it take to get a triple double?

Although not as common, a player will sometimes record at least 10 blocks in a game as well, to go along with two other categories to record a triple double. Centers and power forwards are more likely to attain a triple double by way of blocks.

Who has the most triple doubles in NBA history?

Oscar Robertson has the most triple-doubles in NBA history with 181. Russell Westbrook finishes the season with a triple-double, his 34th of the season.That’s the third most ever behind Oscar Robertson (41) and himself (42).

What is a double triple in basketball?

double triple double (dub’-ul trip’-ul dub’-ul) noun. A feat in which a basketball player accumulates a number total of at least 20 in any three statistical categories during a single game.

What is a Trible double?

A triple-double is a basketball statistic for a player who, in one game, reaches double digits in three of these five areas: The most common form of triple-double is made up of points, rebounds, and assists.

What’s a triple double?

Triple-double. Triple double is defined as an individual performance in which a player accumulates a double digit number total during one match in three of five statistical categories, aces, kills, blocks, digs, and assists. The most common way for a player to achieve a triple-double is with kills, blocks, and digs,…