What happened to WWE Hardcore Championship?

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What happened to WWE Hardcore Championship?

The title was defended everywhere from backstage to an amusement park. When the roster was split into two brands, the Hardcore Championship ended up on Monday Night Raw, which is where it stayed until it was abandoned. In 2002 the title was unified with the WWE Intercontinental Championship and was scrapped.

When did the hardcore title stop?

August 26, 2002

WWE Hardcore Championship
Date retired August 26, 2002
Other name(s)
WWF Hardcore Championship (1998–2002) WWE Hardcore Championship (2002)

Who holds the Hardcore Championship?

Overall, there were 240 reigns shared among 52 wrestlers. Raven has the most reigns as champion, with 27. Big Boss Man’s fourth reign was the longest in the title’s history, at 97 days. Steve Blackman ranks first in combined reigns by length, at 172 days in six reigns.

Is the WWE 24 / 7 title good or bad?

The 24/7 Title is not a great title in terms of aesthetics. It is very in your face and by modern standards, it is considered to be quite an ugly title. However, nothing compares to the Hardcore Title. Right from the outset, it is impossible to take the title seriously when it literally is smashed and taped up.

How long has WWE been PG for wrestling?

WWE has been PG for approximately four years now and since that time we have seen a rapid change in the way WWE superstars conduct themselves in the ring, in the backstage segments and out on the streets.

How many wrestlers have been fired by WWE?

WWE has received lots of criticism for its mass firings as of late, and here’s every wrestler to get released by the company in 2021 so far. Of course, a large company firing employees en masse is by no means a new phenomenon, and it certainly isn’t new for WWE.

What was the most intense match in WWE history?

The inferno match was one of the most intense matches in WWE history. Originally devised during The Undertaker/Kanefeud, the inferno match saw the squared circle surrounded by huge walls of fire, which ignited every time a power move was executed in the ring, furthering the belief that the two superstars truly were in hell.