Did Cruyff play for Manu?

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Did Cruyff play for Manu?

In August 1996, Cruyff signed with Manchester United for a fee of £1.4 million on a four-year contract. In four years he had played a total of 57 games for United and scored eight goals.

What team did Johan Cruyff?

The ‘Dream Team’ and La Masia After impressing in the Ajax dugout, Cruyff was made Barcelona coach in 1989, immediately creating the exhilarating ‘Dream Team’. Between 1990 and ’94, he led the club to four straight La Liga titles and three European trophies, including the UEFA Champions League.

Why did Cruyff not play 1978?

After finishing third in UEFA Euro 1976, Cruyff refused to play in the 1978 World Cup after a kidnapping attempt targeting him and his family in their Barcelona home dissuaded him from football.

Where is Jordi Cruyff now?

FC Barcelonatechnical director
Jordi Cruyff/Current teams

How did Cruyff die?

Lung cancer
Johan Cruyff/Cause of death
Cruyff was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2015 but in February said he was “2-0 up” against his illness and was “sure I will end up winning”. He “died peacefully in Barcelona, surrounded by his family after a hard-fought battle with cancer”, according to a statement on his official website.

When did Cruyff retire?

Johan Cruyff/Career end

After retiring as a player in 1984, Cruyff coached both Ajax (1987) and Barcelona (1989) to the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

What position is number 14 in football?

Javier Mascherano – Barcelona and Argentina The defensive and midfield general wore the No. 14 as he anchored Argentina to the 2014 World Cup final. It’s also been his number through four La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues at Barcelona, but he’s now set to pass it over to Coutinho.

Where did Johan Cruyff play most of his career?

Johan Cruyff. From 1979 to 1980 Cruyff played with several American teams, including the Los Angeles Aztecs and the Washington Diplomats, and he was named the North American Soccer League’s Most Valuable Player in 1979. He returned to Ajax in 1981, but two years later he joined rival team Feyenoord after a contract dispute.

When did Johan Cruyff move to FC Barcelona?

After helping Ajax win six league titles, four national cups, and three European Champion Clubs’ Cups (now known as the UEFA [Union of European Football Associations] Champions League), he was transferred to FC Barcelona in 1973. Captained by Cruyff, Barcelona won the Spanish League championship in 1974 and was runner-up in 1976 and 1977.

What did Jordi Cruyff do in the Champions League?

On 2 November, he played against Manchester United in the Champions League, setting up the first goal for Hristo Stoichkov, as Barcelona won 4–0. That season, Barcelona finished 4th in La Liga and Jordi was one of the team’s top scorers alongside Stoickhov and Koeman, despite not being a regular starter.

What was the last name of Johan Cruyff?

Alternative Title: Hendrick Johannes Cruyff. Johan Cruyff, byname of Hendrik Johannes Cruijff, (born April 25, 1947, Amsterdam, Netherlands—died March 24, 2016, Barcelona, Spain), Dutch football (soccer) forward renowned for his imaginative playmaking.

Where did Johan Cruyff start his football career?

Johan Cruyff made his first football steps in AFC Ajax, where he played for the youth squads before being moved to the first team in 1964. He became a regular in the starting eleven around the same time Rinus Michels, a renowned Dutch player-turned-coach, arrived at the club.

What did Cruyff do in the 1974 World Cup?

He was a star at the 1974 World Cup for Holland even though they lost the final to West Germany. He later played for Barcelona before returning as manager, leading the club to the European Cup in 1992. He was voted European Footballer of the Year, three times during the 1970s.

When did the Johan Cruyff Award start in the Netherlands?

Johan Cruijff Award or Dutch Football Talent of the Year (Dutch: Nederlands Voetbal Talent van het Jaar), the title has been awarded in the Netherlands since 1984 for footballers under 21. The award Dutch Football Talent of the Year was replaced by the Johan Cruyff Trophy (Dutch: Johan Cruijff Prijs) in 2003.

Who is the father of Jordi Cruyff?

Johan Cruyff is the father of Jordi Cruyff (Manager Shenzhen FC ). Johan Cruyff is the grandfather of Jesjua Cruyff ( Retired ). Johan Cruyff is the father-in-law of Jesús Angoy ( Retired ). Johan Cruyff is the brother of Henny Cruyff ( Retired ).