What is bin wine?

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What is bin wine?

Batch Identification Number
The Bin number represents the Batch Identification Number. Bearing no relation to quality or price, the number refers to the area in the cellars where the wines were historically stored.

Is Penfolds A good wine brand?

Often regarded as one of Australia’s finest winemakers, Penfolds has a reputation for producing delectable modern expressions that remain true to the label’s 176-plus year history.

What is the most expensive Penfolds Grange?

Grange 1951
A bottle of Penfolds Grange 1951 has become the most expensive Australian wine sold at auction, fetching A$142,131 (US$104,587) during a Langton’s sale held at the weekend.

Is Penfolds wine good?

What does the bin number on a wine list mean?

batch identification number
The bin number represents the batch identification number applied to wines from a separate lot or a brand to identify them. This bears no relation to the wine’s quality or price, it is simply used to identify different wines.

What is the most expensive Penfolds wine?

Penfolds Grange 1951

What kind of wine is Penfolds Bin 407?

Since the first vintage in 1990 Bin 407 has been textbook cabernet sauvignon – a wine that smells, tastes and feels (in its assertive, slightly austere, tannic structure) like nothing but cabernet. The 2004 maintains this variety-defining style.

What’s the price of a Penfold in Australia?

In Australia, Bin 389, Bin 150 and Bin 407 are all up by $10 to $90, RWT up by $25 to $200 and Grange up by $65 to $850. How these premiums impact shelf prices is yet to be seen, but Bins 389, 150 and 407 are playing in a very different price point to their $60 territory just five years ago.

What’s the difference between Shiraz and Grenache Penfolds?

Grenache speaks more confidently than its small inclusion might suggest, with nuances of exotic spice underlined by dark chocolate and finely structured tannins. A blend of 64% shiraz, 21% grenache and 15% mataro, matured for 12 months in seasoned French and American oak hogsheads.

Where did Penfolds Bin 95 finish on vivinos choice?

The 1998 Penfolds Bin 95 finished at number 42 on Vivino’s Choice: Top 50 Red Wines of 2015 . This is a wine cellared and drunk by collectors the world over and referred to by some critics as the First Growth equivalent from the Southern Hemisphere.