What caused James Sutliff Dystonia?

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What caused James Sutliff Dystonia?

“He developed Dystonia nine years ago, we’d only been dating for six months but I knew we’d get through it together. “Doctors have suggested his condition started due to years of playing rugby but it’s never been proven. “James’s muscles can spasm and contract – something Botox injections have eased.”

Is James Sutliff married?

Along with his wife, Samantha, James is now planning a renewal ceremony.

Where is James Sutliff from?

James Sutliff, from Queniborough in Leicestershire, awoke one morning in 2008 feeling unwell. His condition steadily became worse and he was eventually diagnosed with Dystonia in 2012.

How old is James Sutliff?

31 years old
My name is James Andrew Sutliff, I am 31 years old and fitness is what keeps me motivated, inspired and strong.

Can dystonia be cured?

There’s no cure for dystonia. But medications can improve symptoms. Surgery is sometimes used to disable or regulate nerves or certain brain regions in people with severe dystonia.

What disability does James Sutliff have?

Finally in the year of 2012 I was diagnosed with dystonia. Finally I had name to this thing that had been ruling my life for so long. I started to read up on dystonia – it is a debilitating disease that can affect your life completely, no matter how minor the symptoms.

What can trigger dystonia?

What Causes Dystonia?

  • Brain trauma.
  • Stroke.
  • Tumor.
  • Oxygen deprivation.
  • Infection.
  • Drug reactions.
  • Poisoning caused by lead or carbon monoxide.

Why do eyes jerk?

Constant stress, lack of sleep and digital eye strain may tire out your eyes, causing them to spontaneously twitch. Using incorrect lens powers may also force your eyes to work harder, leading to spasms. Some eye conditions like dry eyes and eye allergies may also result in eye jerking.