Is the ALR a secondary source?

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Is the ALR a secondary source?

American Law Reports (a/k/a ALR) is a secondary source that combines elements of legal encyclopedias with elements of case reporters. ALR contains articles (called annotations) that look similar to articles in legal encyclopedias.

What is an ALR annotation?

What is an A.L.R. Annotation? A.L.R. is the acronym for American Law Reports. A.L.R. annotations (articles) provide a very useful summary and analysis of the law in a specific area, and include citations to relevant primary law and other secondary sources.

What is ALR 2d?

American Law Reports 2nd Edition, ALR Series covers state and federal issues nationwide, organizing and analyzing cases on specific issues. Each article collects and evaluates in detail all of the case law relevant to a specific point of law or fact situation.

What does ALR stand for legal?

American Law Reports
American Law Reports (ALR) Get objective, in-depth analysis of your specific legal issue.

Are restatements primary or secondary sources?

Why Use Restatements? They are the most persuasive secondary source because they can become binding law if adopted by a jurisdiction. The main volumes contain statements of the common law rules, whereas the appendices contain lists by jurisdiction of cases applying the corresponding rule.

How do you read an ALR citation?

The citation should contain:

  1. Author.
  2. the word “Annotation”
  3. Title (italicized or underlined)
  4. ALR Volume.
  5. ALR Series (see chart 24.1 for abbreviations)
  6. Page (if pinpoint citing, both the initial page and the pinpoint reference)
  7. Copyright date of volume.

Is an ALR a treatise?

Nutshells provide an overview of a legal topic without the detailed analysis or extensive case referencing found in other treatises. Some treatises are designed to serve as practitioners’ tools.

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What is ALR short for?

ALR American Law Reports Governmental » Law & Legal Rate it:
ALR Agricultural Land Reserve Governmental » US Government Rate it:
ALR Administrative License Revocation Governmental » US Government — and more… Rate it:
ALR A Little Respect Internet » Chat Rate it:
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What are secondary sources law?

Secondary sources are materials that discuss, explain, analyze, and critique the law. They discuss the law, but are not the law itself. Secondary sources, such as Law Journals, Encyclopedias, and Treatises are a great place to start your legal research.

What is the difference between primary and secondary sources of law?

Primary vs. These are considered primary sources in the legal context, and contain the force of law. Secondary sources consist of scholarly journal articles, legal commentary and annotations, treatises, textbooks and books, encyclopedia entries, non-academic articles and other sources.

Is a digest primary or secondary authority?

Digests are not primary sources, but they are one of the fastest ways to find primary authority in a particular jurisdiction. Digests contain numerous citations to judicial decisions about particular topics and subtopics.