Is Tindouf Algeria a desert?

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Is Tindouf Algeria a desert?

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: …were occupied in 1900; the Tindouf area, previously regarded as Moroccan rather than Algerian, became…… Sahara, (from Arabic ṣaḥrāʾ, “desert”) largest desert in the world. Filling…… Algeria, large, predominantly Muslim country of North Africa.

How many people live in Tindouf?

Tindouf, also written Tinduf (Arabic: ولاية تندوف‎), is the westernmost province of Algeria, having a population of 58,193 as of the 2008 census (not including the Sahrawi refugees at the Sahrawi refugee camps). Its population in reality could be as high as 160,000 because of the Sahrawi refugee camps.

What hemisphere is Tindouf?

Tindouf is 1,911.80 mi (3,076.75 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

Is Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic a country?

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), also called Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic or Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, self-declared state claiming authority over the disputed territory of Western Sahara, which is presently occupied by Morocco.

What animals live in Algeria?

The most commonly seen wildlife in Algeria are wild boars, jackals and gazelles – although it is not uncommon to spot fennecs (foxes) and jerboas. Algeria also has a few small panther, leopard and cheetah populations but these are seldom seen. The abundance of bird species make the country a haven for bird watchers.

How many countries recognize Western Sahara?

It calls the territories under its control the “Liberated Territories”. As of September 2021, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is recognized by 41 out of a total of 193 United Nations member states.

What is the largest province in Algeria?

Tamanrasset Province
List of Algerian provinces by area

Ranking Name Area (km2)
1 11 Tamanrasset Province 557 906 km2
2 01 Adrar Province 427 368 km2
3 33 Illizi Province 284 618 km2
4 30 Ouargla Province 211 980 km2

What countries support Polisario?

The Polisario Front, mainly backed by Algeria, is described by itself and its supporters as a national liberation movement that opposes Moroccan control of Western Sahara, whilst it is considered by Morocco and supporters of Morocco’s claims over the Western Sahara to be a separatist organization.

Which country is Sahrawi?