Is Integral Energy now Endeavour?

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Is Integral Energy now Endeavour?

Integral Energy, now renamed Endeavour Energy, continues to safely deliver power to some of Australia’s fastest growing communities, including Western Sydney.

What happened Integral Energy?

Integral Energy was a large state-owned energy corporation in New South Wales, which retailed electricity across the east coast of Australia. In 2011, the Integral Energy retail brand was sold by the NSW government to Origin Energy.

How do I cancel my energy Australia plan?

When you move with us we can disconnect your old address and reconnect your new one in one go. Book your move online or call our experts in moving house. Tell us where and when you’re moving and we’ll arrange the gas and/or electricity disconnection for your old home and reconnect you at your new one.

Is Endeavour energy a public company?

Endeavour Energy is the operator of the electrical distribution network for Greater Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands and the Illawarra region of NSW, Australia….Endeavour Energy.

Type Partnership
Founded 1 March 2011
Headquarters Sydney, New South Wales , Australia

Is Endeavour Energy Australian owned?

We’re owned by an Australian-led consortium of institutional investors with world class experience in investing and managing regulated utilities across the globe. The consortium has a clear objective to create long-term value by efficiently investing in Endeavour Energy’s assets to improve safety and customer outcomes.

Is Origin Energy Australian owned?

Origin Energy Limited is an Australian-owned publicly listed company that operates as an electricity and gas generator, trader and retailer. The company employs approximately 5,232 people throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Is EnergyAustralia any good?

Energy Australia is the smallest of Australia’s big three electricity retailers with 1.7 million customers. This puts it well behind Origin’s 4.3 million and AGL’s 3.7 million. Their average review score is 4.1 out of 5, which is not bad and a little better than either Origin or AGL.

Is Essential Energy government owned?

Essential Energy is a NSW Government-owned corporation, with responsibility for building, operating and maintaining Australia’s largest electricity network – delivering essential network services to more than 800,000 homes and businesses across 95 per cent of NSW and parts of southern Queensland.

Who owns EnergyAustralia?

CLP Group
EnergyAustralia Investments Pty Ltd
EnergyAustralia/Parent organizations
EnergyAustralia is owned by CLP Group, one of the oldest and largest integrated power businesses in the Asia Pacific. We employ around 2,500 people across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.