Are H&H trailers good?

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Are H&H trailers good?

Trusted Reliability. H&H Trailers® (a division of Novae Corp.) is driven to provide you quality products with outstanding customer service. For over 20 years, H&H has been manufacturing trailers with unmatched strength, durability, and exceptional value.

Where are H&H trailers manufactured?

Since 1993, H&H has been building trailers – and its reputation – at plants in the heartland of America, Clarinda, Iowa.

Which is better aluminum or steel utility trailer?

The bottom line is that aluminum is a superior manufacturing material for trailers. While a steel trailer can do the job, an aluminum trailer almost always does a better job. It can last longer, too.

Who makes K haul trailers?

Kubota Canada
K-Haul Trailers | Kubota Canada.

Where are Dakota utility trailers made?

The company was founded in 1968 and is based in Yankton, South Dakota. As of May 1, 2015, Dakota Trailer Manufacturing, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Trail King Industries, Inc.

How long will a steel trailer last?

If you’re going to spend the money on a nice trailer I’d recommend doing this. I’d expect no less than 15 years without any issues on integrity. More if you put POR15 over any rust as it forms.

Does Kubota make trailers?

With a Kubota-tailored lineup of trailers, you’ll make it easier for your customers to buy and use their Kubota equipment. Right-sized, feature-rich and work-ready, these Professional-Grade trailers offer premium quality perfectly matched to the Kubota product line and brand.

Are utility trailers worth it?

With a little attention to maintenance and safety, and some practice with towing, you can enjoy many years of using a trailer. All in all, a utility trailer is a valuable asset for moving and hauling any number of items, and often will pay for itself in a short period of time.