Which is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

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Which is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Standing on the threshold of the thirty-third birthday of Lionel Messi, we all have a look at the Top 10 reasons why Messi is better than Ronaldo. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and relive the maestro’s superiority at the zenith. #10.

Why is Messi the best soccer player of all time?

Anyone who plays or follows soccer would understand the importance of team game. No matter how big or dexterous a player is, if he’s not helping his teammates, the game cannot be won. Messi is not only one a cut above others in skills, but his mental reading of the game is also second to none.

How many times has Ronaldo been sent off in his career?

Apart from that Ronaldo also was sent off once in that season. Messi is yet to face a red card while Ronaldo was sent off for 8 times since his career started in 2003. This was a point where Ronaldo used to beat Messi and all Ronaldo lovers used to point out.

How does Messi change his pace so quickly?

Messi’s body structure is what that helps him to change his pace so quickly and it helps him to change his direction of dribbling without having to bleed away momentum- unlike Ronaldo. This also has helped him countless times when he could get by 3 or 4 defenders- making it seem as if they were non existent in the first place.

Who has more trophies Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi has 4 Champions League titles. In terms of league titles, Messi has 9, four more than Ronaldo. In competitions they’ve both won, Messi has the advantage over Ronaldo. He’s won 3 more cup competions than Ronaldo (Copa del Rey and FA Cup).

Is CR7 better than Messi?

CR7 is better than Messi in physical aspects like speed, jump, heading ability, etc. But Messi is definitely better technically and he’s a complete player as well. He’s unselfish, fair player whereas Ronaldo is all about his swag. So, Messi does check more boxes in the list but Ronaldo is best in his physical aspects.

How fast is Messi?

The more scientific minds at FIFA have recorded Messi at a top speed of 32.5 kph (20.3 mph) during a game.

What is Messi career?

Messi’s career kickstarted in the year 2000 when he played for the junior system ranks. Within a short span, he became the only player to play for five different teams. His excellence at the game was visible from the fact that Messi quickly moved through the junior system ranks to make a league debut on October 16, 2004 against RCD Espanyol.

Ronaldo is strong on his right foot, left foot, and heading. Messi on the other hand is only strong on the left foot. 6 – Ronaldo is faster than Messi. This is a no brainer.

How old was Cristiano Ronaldo when he started playing football?

Ronaldo who was 33 at that time, possessed the physical age of a 20 year old. Determined to be the best, he never compromised on his training and diets. Time and again he has pitched himself to situation and has come out of it victorious.

What skills does Messi have?

SKILLS. Messi skills effect confidence and creativity. Confidence: The Foundation of Messi’s game is supreme ball mastery. Once a player masters the ball their confidence can grow. Ball Mastery, as Messi shows each week, is essential for; 1 v 1, running with the ball, as well as shooting and first touch receiving. Creativity: Player’s…

What are Messi goals?

Messi has scored 448 goals, including 278 domestic league goals, 42 domestic cup goals, 81 international cup goals and 47 goals for the national team. So, Ronaldo is currently leading Messi by 12 goals.

Why is Lionel Messi important?

Lionel Messi is an Argentinian footballer (soccer player) known to be one of the greatest players of the modern football league. He is known for his goal scoring records and his ability to dribble the ball past opponents.

While Ronaldo is a more of an executor, who plays high up the pitch and scores great goals when given the chance, Messi, who can do that just as well, but is also comfortable dropping deep and keeping possession of the ball with his team. From these positions, he can send his colleagues on dangerous runs with pin-point passes.

Is it true that Messi has never won an international championship?

In fact, Messi has never won an international trophy. He lost finals in both the Copa America (the South America championship) and the World Cup. Meanwhile, Ronaldo led his Portugal side to win the 2016 European Championship.

Who is the best soccer player in the world?

Ronaldo is considered to be the best in humans while Messi considered being not from this planet. Ronaldo is an explosive player, with great headers and a player who can change the game in the blink of eyes.

How old was Lionel Messi when he started soccer?

Not too different than Ronaldo’s childhood, Lionel Messi was born roughly two and a half years after his Portuguese rival to a soccer-loving blue-collar family in Rosario, Santa Fe in Argentina. At the age of six, Messi joined local club Newell’s Old Boys, where he impressed even as a toddler.

Who is richer Ronaldo or Messi?

Messi Is Richer Than Ronaldo In Latest Forbes List Of Top 100 Athletes. Messi has overtaken rival, Cristiano Ronaldo on the list of the World’s top 100 earning athletes 2018. Messi has edged out Ronaldo in this year’s latest list of top 100 earning athletes in the world.

Who has more trophies, Messi or Ronaldo?

Who has more fans Messi or Ronaldo?

When it comes to social media activity, Ronaldo has more followers on all major platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The Portuguese player has around 51 million more followers than the Argentinian on Instagram. He also has about 120 million fans on Facebook, compared to 90 million that Messi has.

The diminutive Argentine is a technical phenomenon, beating players at will without the need for particularly fancy footwork. Instead, his control of the ball, low centre of gravity and short distance acceleration make him a nightmare to pick up.

Where did Chicharito Hernandez go to play soccer?

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez officially sealed his move to Los Angeles to join the Galaxy. The club announced the move on Tuesday, and he is set to arrive in the City of Angels on Wednesday, sources tell CBS Sports. But before he arrives, the Mexican international spoke out about the move and from Sevilla to MLS.

How much money does Chicharito Hernandez make a year?

Hernandez’s contract with the Galaxy is for three years with an option for the fourth, according to The Los Angeles Times. It also includes an option for a fourth year and he’s getting a base salary of $6 million.

Who is the top scoring Mexican in the Premier League?

Hernández became the top scoring Mexican in Premier League history after opening the scoring in a 2–1 home victory over Stoke City on 4 January. On 25 January, Hernández scored the equalising goal of a 3–2 comeback away win over Blackpool.