Who is the owner of Belfast International Airport?

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Who is the owner of Belfast International Airport?

The airport is owned and operated by VINCI Airports which was previously owned by ADC & HAS. The airport lies within the parish of Killead, between the small villages of Killead (to the east) and Aldergrove (to the west).

When did Belfast Airport replace George Best Airport?

On 1 December 1946, the new site replaced Belfast Harbour Airport (now George Best Belfast City Airport) as Northern Ireland’s civil airport, as the site at Sydenham was considered unsuitable.

Which is the busiest airport in Northern Ireland?

Belfast International handled over 6.2 million passengers in 2018, which is the highest in the airport’s history. The airport is the busiest in Northern Ireland and the second-busiest airport on the island of Ireland, after Dublin Airport. Belfast International was the 10th-busiest airport in the UK by passenger traffic in 2018.

When did Belfast Airport open for civil traffic?

The site for the airport was established in 1917, when it was selected to be a Royal Flying Corps training establishment during the First World War. The airport remained open at the end of the war for RAF activity. Civil traffic began in 1922, when flights were conducted to fly newspapers from Chester. A regular passenger service started in 1933.

Why was Belfast City Airport named after George Best?

Belfast City Airport was renamed George Best Belfast City Airport as a tribute to Best. The official new name and signage was unveiled to a gathering of the Best family and friends at the airport on 22 May 2006, which would have been his 60th birthday.

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