Who is the most decorated football player of all time?

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Who is the most decorated football player of all time?

Dalglish is a proud owner of European Cups, Football League First Division titles and Premier Division titles. His last two titles he achieved as a player-manager. Although he has yet to play for the Premier League, Ibrahimovic has played in many leagues including Italy, France, England, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Who is the greatest British football player of all time?

Dalglish is one of the greatest British players in football history, playing for Celtic and Liverpool. He had a stellar career playing not just in the UK, but for European football as well.

Which is the best FIFA team in the world?

#1 Belgium Pts. 1783.38 #2 France Pts. 1757.3 #3 Brazil Pts. 1742.65 #4 England Pts. 1686.78 #5 Portugal Pts. 1666.12

Which is the best women’s football team in the world?

Women’s Ranking 1 1 USA Pts. 2192 2 #2 Germany Pts. 2091 3 #3 France Pts. 2032 4 #4 Netherlands Pts. 2023 5 #5 Sweden Pts. 2009 6 #6 England Pts. 1999 7 #7 Australia Pts. 1963 8 #8 Brazil Pts. 1958 9 #8 Canada Pts. 1958 10 #10 Japan…

Which is the worst team in FIFA 21?

In FIFA 21, India ranks as the worst international team available, with their highest-rated players being in the mid-60s for overall rating.

Who are the worst football players of all time?

Important note before we begin: We’re not saying this lot couldn’t play football. That they were rancid, useless, pathetic excuses for professional athletes. Well, maybe one or two – but often it’s a case of bad timing. Maybe it’s a decent player out of his depth, or perhaps a once fine player debilitated by age or injuries.

Who is the lowest rated player in FIFA 20?

Royce is now 48 years old, the same number as his rating in FIFA 20! . Like many of the players on this list, Royce does not have a card in FIFA Ultimate Team, with many of the lowest-rated players in the game not having their photos included.

Are there any bad soccer players out there?

There could be thousands of bad soccer players out there but we will try and scoop out just the famous top 20 worst soccer players among them considering the negative fame that they received thanks to their abilities or the lack of it.