How long does a simplified dissolution of marriage take in Florida?

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How long does a simplified dissolution of marriage take in Florida?

about 30 days
In Florida, the process is called a “Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.” The process eliminates any rights to a trial or appeals and takes about 30 days from beginning to end.

How much is a simplified divorce in Florida?

After your spouse has read the information and all of your forms are complete, both you and your spouse can file for the simplified divorce and pay the required filing fee. It costs $409.00 to file your petition but you may qualify for a payment plan if you are indigent.

What is the difference between divorce and joint petition?

A joint petition for divorce is a procedure where both parties file for divorce together instead of doing it separately. This process saves divorcees time by choosing to come to an agreement together before going to court. Both parties also must agree to the full terms of divorce before filing.

Can you refuse divorce?

Someone Cannot Force You to Stay Married to Them While the best-case scenario is that the two spouses will mutually negotiate a divorce agreement, you have options if the other spouse simply refuses to talk about a divorce. The law does not bind you to the marriage forever if that is not your wish.

Do I need a divorce lawyer if we agree on everything?

No, you don’t need a divorce lawyer if you feel comfortable preparing and filing all of the paperwork yourself. Yes, you do need a lawyer if you want to receive legal advice that can help you avoid some of the major pitfalls of “do it yourself” divorce.

What happens when you file for divorce first?

If you file first, you control when the divorce gets filed. You can decide to cancel the divorce, as long as she hasn’t filed a response. You have until your spouse files an answer to your complaint to cancel the divorce. By filing first you are the plaintiff and she will be the defendant.

What is simple dissolution of marriage?

A simplified dissolution of marriage refers to a less complicated procedure available under certain circumstances for obtaining a divorce. This process is normally faster than a standard dissolution and for a short term or no asset/liabilities marriage can be beneficial.

What is a petition of dissolution?

A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is a type of court document that is used for initiating a divorce proceeding. The petition lets one spouse inform the other that they seek a divorce or dissolution of the marriage. It also informs the courts of potential issues that might be a factor in…

What is marriage petition?

The petition is a standard court form. It contains basic information about the names and addresses of the couple concerned, details of any children and a statement that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. It will also state the basis of the petition, such as adultery or behaviour.