Who should I have as my steward in Skyrim?

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Who should I have as my steward in Skyrim?

Here is my Skyrim Best Steward Top 10.

  • Annekke Crag-Jumper. Max Level: 30.
  • Eola. Max Level: 30.
  • Faendal. Max Level: 30.
  • Lob. Max Level: 30.
  • Ogol. Max Level: 30.
  • Golldir. Max Level: 30.
  • Talvas Fathryon (available in the Dragonborn add-on) Max Level: 25.
  • Adelaisa Vendicci. Max Level: 25. Moral: Will not commit crime.

Can you have a steward and a follower in Skyrim?

If the Steward and the Follower are two different people, then you cannot have them at the same time. But if you’re steward is your follower, you should be able to bring them along (as far as I know).

Does it matter who your steward is in Skyrim?

5 Answers. None of the characters make a “better” steward; they all behave exactly the same in that role. They also still work as followers: you can still ask them to follow you again, marry them, etc. The only thing that changes when you make a follower a steward is where they hang out when they stop following you.

Where can I find the steward of Windhelm?

Jorleif is a Nord and the steward of Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak of Windhelm, and can be found in the Palace of the Kings.

Can you marry a steward Skyrim?

Yes you can marry your steward. To marry Lydia you have to buy breeze home.

Can I have a steward and a Housecarl?

Yes but only through mods. You need a mod, like MHIYH, if you want your Housecarl from one of the prebuilt houses to move to your Hearthfire homes. While this is true for more followers, you can get (almost) any follower to be your steward, then you also get the housecarl for the house itself and your spouse.

Can Kharjo be a steward?

Kharjo, like other Khajiit, cannot be married, or become a Steward.

Can you marry a Steward Skyrim?

How do you get Ingjard as a steward?

Ingjard is a Nord warrior found in Fort Dawnguard. Like most other recruits, she is available as a follower, and with Hearthfire installed, she is available as your personal steward. She arrives at Fort Dawnguard when you reach stage 60 of the quest Prophet.

Who is Jarl Ulfric’s steward?

Jorleif is Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak’s steward. He will allow the player to purchase a house in the city only after taking control of Fort Neugard.

Where can you find a steward in Skyrim?

Adelaisa Vindicci As you might guess considering her name, Adelaisa Vindicci is an imperial and a female follower that may be assigned as a steward once you get far enough to meet her. You can find her with her Company near the outskirts of Windhelm.

How to hire a follower in Skyrim personal steward?

To hire a follower, simply ask them to come with you, then travel to the build site. They should approach you and volunteer for the job, or if not, you can ask them yourself once there. You will need to first build at least the Small House Layout before the option to hire them appears.

Where are all the hireling followers in Skyrim?

So for those seeking help for hire, these are all of Skyrim’s mercenary followers, and where to find them. Belrand is among the easier to find hirelings, as he’s located in the city of Solitude. And said city is home to many quests in Skyrim, both for the main questline and others.

Who are the main characters in Skyrim personal steward?

Skyrim Name Type Gender Race Max Level Calder Housecarl Male Nord 50 Erik the Slayer Hireling Male Nord 40 Eola Misc. Female Breton 30 Faendal Misc. Male Bosmer 30