Where does the whiskey with the E come from?

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Where does the whiskey with the E come from?

“Whiskey” with the “e” comes from Ireland and the United States. Did you know that bourbon is a type of aged whiskey? It ages for two years in brand-spanking-new oak barrels.

What kind of whisky is in the Whisky Shop?

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Do you get free delivery from whisky shop?

You leave us with confidence in your purchase and with a little more knowledge of this beautiful product.

Where can I get a free tin of whiskey?

Discover our customers’ favourite whisky gift items and give the perfect gift whatever the occasion! Buy handmade Kentucky straight bourbon from Maker’s Mark and get a free branded tin cup while stocks last. Specially selected by The Whisky Shop team and bottled by the distillery exclusively for our customers.

What kind of whiskey has a smoky taste?

Scotch whisky, like the name suggests, hails from Scotland. A particular malt drying process imparts to the liquor a distinctive smoky taste, which is even stronger in single malt varieties. Then there’s Irish whiskey, a complex blend of corn-based and malted spirits. It’s a very drinkable variety with a smooth, toasty and typically sweet flavor.

Which is the world’s first double malt whiskey?

Fill mixing glass half full with ice. Stir until chilled and pour into chilled rocks glass. Another amazing spirit distilled by ASW Distillery, Duality Double Malt is the world’s first whiskey of its kind because of its unique mash bill, distillation process and aging methods.