What wines is South Australia known for?

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What wines is South Australia known for?

South Australia is known for its excellent vintages, but these five bottles of wine are the ones you absolutely have to try.

  1. Penfolds, Grange Shiraz, Adelaide.
  2. Jim Barry, The Florita Riesling, Clare Valley.
  3. Rockford, Basket Press Shiraz, Barossa.
  4. D’Arenberg, Scarce Earth Shiraz, McLaren Vale.

Which of these wine regions is found in South Australia?

South Australia contains 6 primary growing areas (plus a very lightly-planted 7th area, “The Peninsulas”). The major regions are Barossa, Fleurieu, the Limestone Coast, Lower Murray (Riverland) and Far North (Southern Flinders Ranges). You’ll find wines are stylistically distinct in each area.

Are Shiraz South Eastern Australia?

Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc are the most likely ingredients of a South Eastern Australia white wine, with the reds generally consisting of Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

What are the wine regions in Australia?

The three major wine regions in Australia by sheer volume are South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. South Australia and New South Wales are known for their warmer climate varieties such as Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, whereas Victoria is known for cool climate-loving Pinot Noir.

Which is the oldest winery in South Australia?

The oldest winery in the region, Sevenhill Cellars, was established by Jesuit priests who first planted the vines to make sacramental wine.

How many wine regions are in South Australia?

18 wine regions
South Australia is home to 18 wine regions and has officially been named a Great Wine Capital of the World – grab a glass and join the celebrations.

Where is wine country in Australia?

The vineyards of Australia cover 170 000 hectares in different wine regions in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and a smaller area in Queensland. Australia was the 7th biggest wine producing country in 2015 with around 1,200 million liters of wine produced (source OIV).

What is the east coast of Australia called?

The eastern states of Australia are the states adjoining the east continental coastline of Australia. These are the mainland states of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and the island state of Tasmania; the Australian Capital Territory and Jervis Bay Territory, while not states, are also included.

What is Australia’s oldest winery?

Australia’s oldest wineries

  • Wyndham Estate, NSW – 1828.
  • Olive Farm, WA – 1829.
  • Houghton, WA – 1836.
  • Yering Station, Vic – 1838.
  • Sandalford, WA – 1840.
  • Oliver’s Taranga, SA – 1841.
  • Penfolds Magill Estate, SA – 1844.
  • Orlando, SA – 1847.