Which Giant Tiger stores are closing in Winnipeg?

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Which Giant Tiger stores are closing in Winnipeg?

It will close six stores in Red Deer, Fort Saskatchewan and Wetaskiwin, Alta.; North Battleford and Weyburn, Sask.; and the Stafford Street location in Winnipeg.

Who bought out giant tiger?

The North West Company
In March 2020, The North West Company announced that it would sell 34 of its 46 franchises to Giant Tiger, while closing six underperforming locations, maintaining five in northern markets, and converting one (Prince Albert) to a different banner.

How is Giant Tiger so cheap?

“They’ve been very frugal and smart in terms of the way their stores are created and run,” he said. “They’re usually in sort of secondary or tertiary malls so they’re not paying the big rents. The stores are cheap and cheerful, they’re clean with nice signage, but basic, so that keeps their capital costs down.”

Does giant tiger price match?

Our Ad Match Guarantee means “We will beat the advertised price of any competitor” If you happen to find a local competitor offering a lower price on any identical item we carry in-store, simply show us their current flyer and we will sell you that item for 1 cent less than their price.

What day is Seniors Day at Giant Tiger?

first Tuesday of the
Offer stands every first Tuesday of the month (​source​). Giant Tiger. Giant Tiger holds monthly Senior Discount days for customers age 60 and above.. Discount dates and rates varies by store (​source​).

Who owns Giant Tiger Canada?

Gordon Reid
Gordon Reid is a Canadian businessperson. He is the founder of Giant Tiger, Canada’s third-largest chain of discount stores.

Who is the CEO of Giant Tiger?

Gordon Reid (2015–)
Andy Gross (Oct 2010–)
Giant Tiger/CEO

Did giant tiger get sold?

By Medicine Hat News on March 13, 2020. On Thursday it announced that 36 of the 46 Giant Tigers locations have been sold for $45 million to a group called “Giant Tiger Stores Limited.” It will keep five in northern Canada, changeover one to an alternate brand and close six.

Is Giant Tiger good for groceries?

With a hearty selection of bargain clothing, grocery and household items, Giant Tiger is definitely worth the shopping trip if you’re on a budget. With everything you could need for the cottage or campsite, Giant Tiger is also worth making a pit stop to on your way to your next summer getaway.

Is Giant Tiger coming to Newfoundland?

We are not yet in British Columbia or Newfoundland but exploring our options for future expansion,” said Wood. “We’ve been planning and continue to plan carefully as to where we grow, where we expand. About five years ago we underwent what was called our new store experience renovation.

Does Giant Tiger have a seniors discount?

Does Giant Tiger have a Senior’s Day? Most of our Giant Tiger store locations participate in senior discount events for our 60+ customers.

What day is Senior Day at Giant Tiger?