How many free throws per game does LeBron shoot?

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How many free throws per game does LeBron shoot?

Over the first 10 games of the playoffs, he averaged 7.6 free-throw attempts per game, closer to his career regular-season (eight per game) and postseason (nine) averages.

How many dunks per game does LeBron average?

However, James’ high-flying performance Thursday night seemed to laugh at that concern. This season, James has already dunked 106 times in 58 games, which averages out to 1.8 dunks per game. Over an 82-game schedule, James is on pace for 149 dunks.

How many 3’s does LeBron shoot a game?

Through 12 games, he is attempting 6.3 3-pointers per game.

Who gets dunked on the most in the NBA?

Shawn Bradley
1. Shawn Bradley. Shawn Bradley easily comes in at the No. 1 spot on this list by leaps and bounds ahead of his predecessors.

What’s the percentage of free throw shooting in the NBA?

In one of our first blogs we stated that NBA free-throw shooting percentages have been constant at about 75 percent since 1958. This seems low considering that we’re talking about professionals who are paid well to score points.

What are the stats for LeBron James in the NBA?

LeBron James totals for the NBA season and Playoffs, including points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and other categories, year by year and career numbers.

How many free throws did Shaq make in his career?

Shaq makes our list because his missed more than 5,300 free throws in his career. If he had made half of those 5,300 misses, his career scoring average would have jumped from 23.7 points per game to 25.9 points.

How many free throws did Wilt Chamberlain make in his career?

It’s astonishing to think the same man who scored 100 points in a single game is one who ended his career with a 51.1 percent FT shooting percentage. Wilt averaged 30.1 points a game during his career. Similar to Shaq, Wilt missed 5,805 free throws.

How many free throws does LeBron James make per game?

His ball-handling, body control and powerful frame allow him to get to positions from where fouling him is the only option left to prevent him from shooting. James averages 8 free throw attempts per game in the regular season and 9.2 in the playoffs.

How often has LeBron James averaged 25 points and 5 rebounds?

LeBron James has averaged at least 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in 15 different seasons. The next most such seasons is 8 by Oscar Robertson. Can you name the 3 other players to do this more than 5 times?

What kind of shooting workout does LeBron James do?

Everyone wants to train like the pro’s, so I’ve created the exact workout LeBron performs in the video and turned it into a PDF players can use to improve their game. 30 minutes. 1. Right Corner Midrange – 10 Makes 2. Right Wing Midrange – 10 Makes 3. Top of Key Midrange – 10 Makes 4. Left Wing Midrange – 10 Makes 5.

Who are the best free throw shooters in the NBA?

NBA Team Free Throws Attempted per Game Rank Team 2020 Last 3 Away 1 New Orleans 26.1 29.0 25.6 2 Washington 26.0 23.3 25.4 3 Philadelphia 25.4 24.0 25.6 4 Atlanta 23.8 14.0 23.3