What is the largest stadium in Spain?

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What is the largest stadium in Spain?

Camp Nou
FB Barcelona’s Camp Nou ranked as the Spanish football stadium with the largest capacity during the 2020/21 season with approximately 99.8 thousand seats. Real Madrid’s Bernabéu followed second, with a capacity to host nearly 85.5 thousand fans.

What is Real Madrid football stadium called?

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
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What is the capacity of the new Bernabeu stadium?

With a capacity of 6,000, Real Madrid Castilla’s home venue couldn’t be more different from the Bernabeu, which is a breath-taking cauldron of noise and passion. The renovated Santiago Bernabeu will be the “best stadium in the world”, as per the official Real Madrid website.

How big is the stadium of Real Madrid?

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu is the legendary home stadium of mega-rich Real Madrid football club and one of the most prestigious stages in world football. In 2013, the club announced plans to increase capacity to 90,000 although whether or not this will be cost effective remains to be seen.

Where can I buy Real Madrid football tickets?

Tickets for Real Madrid matches like other clubs in Spain can be purchased online, by phone +34 902 32 43 24 or at the taquillas (ticket windows) at the stadium itself. With the large capacity, Real doesn’t often sell out their home matches meaning you can often pick up tickets a week before the match, although it depends on the opponents.

When was the first game played in Real Madrid stadium?

The first match ever played there was Real Madrid vs OS Belenenses (the Portuguese Club) on December 14th 1947. Santiago Bernabéu was the man with the vision to create the stadium. Hence it is named after him, as at the time of its construction, the Real Madrid stadium was one of the best that there was.

Are there hospitality areas at Real Madrid stadium?

Tending to special needs, also offered upon request are menus for Muslims, vegetarians, those suffering from allergies or celiac disease, etc. Hospitality areas housed in the stadium’s restaurants offer catering provided by the restaurants themselves. Contact. Need Help? Purchase tickets for individual games of your choosing.

How many seats are there in Real Madrid football stadium?

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium ( Spanish: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, [esˈtaðjo sanˈtjaɣo βeɾnaˈβew] ( listen)) is a football stadium in Madrid, Spain. With a current seating capacity of 81,044, it has been the home stadium of Real Madrid since its completion in 1947. It is the second-largest stadium in Spain and largest in the Community of Madrid .

What stadium does Real Madrid play in?

Real Madrid play in the statistically best stadium in Spain up to present time, the only one of Spain to have been awarded with a five star rating, the Santiago Bernabeu, the name taken by the President of Real Madrid who also built it, and managed the club for the most years.

Where is Real Madrid home stadium?

Located in the business district of Chamartín to the north of the city, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the home of Real Madrid.

What is the name of Real Madrid’s stadium?

The Real Madrid stadium is more commonly known by the name of its founder, Santiago Bernabeu, and is used to host Real Madrid´s 1st team matches and the occasional concert. Located in the Northern centre of the city on the side of the main North – South Paseo de la Castellana the stadium is well conected by both Madrid´s Metro and Bus systems.