Where is the lever in Driftshade Refuge?

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Where is the lever in Driftshade Refuge?

The lever to lower the spikes is directly right of the door, beside the chest.

How do I get into Driftshade cellar?

The corridor to the left eventually leads to Driftshade Cellar. This must be passed through in order to reach the room holding the Fragments of Wuuthrad. This room is guarded by four Silver Hand, and also contains a chest, workbench, grindstone, anvil, and random loot.

Where do I wipe out the Silver Hand?

New optional objective: Wipe out the Silver Hand. Leave the Jorrvaskr sanctuary, open the world map and look for Driftshade Refuge (screen above). This place is located in the northern part of Skyrim.

How do you beat purity of revenge?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. With Vilkas as a shield brother, infiltrate the Silver Hand’s refuge.
  2. Retrieve the Fragments of Wuuthrad.
  3. (Optional) Wipe out the Silver Hand.
  4. Return to Jorrvaskr.

How do I start purity of revenge?

In order to start the quest, the Dragonborn will need to find Vilkas, open the console and type setstage c05 10 . This will cause any follower to leave and Vilkas to join as a quest follower. The quest should then activate normally.

How many Glenmoril witch heads do I need?

During the Purity quest, in which you must attempt the removal of Farkas and Vilkas’s Lycanthropy, you must have one Glenmoril Witch head in your inventory. When the quest item glitch is initiated the NPC’s do not recognize them in your inventory and make the quest impossible to complete.

Where is Kodlak’s funeral Skyrim?

Kodlak Whitemane’s funeral will take place in the Skyforge (Eorlund’s working place), so you have to go there now (screen above).

Should you keep Wuuthrad?

Wuuthrad is an ancient battleaxe once wielded by the founder of the Companions, Ysgramor. After placing Wuuthrad into the hands of Ysgramor’s statue at the entrance of his tomb, you can take it back straight away and continue along without affecting the rest of the quest.

Where is the driftshade refuge in Skyrim?

Driftshade Refuge is a medium-sized fort located southeast of Dawnstar. It is southwest of Frostflow Lighthouse and northeast of Fort Fellhammer. There are three zones to the fort, one exterior, and two interior: Driftshade Refuge and Driftshade Cellar.

How many zones are there in driftshade refuge?

There are three zones to the fort, one exterior, and two interior: Driftshade Refuge and Driftshade Cellar. The dilapidated fort, almost lost beneath snowdrifts, is now a base of command for the Silver Hand.

Where to find the boss chest in driftshade refuge?

On the table by the fireplace to the south is a copy of the Block skill book Warrior along with two common books and a coin purse, and behind this a cupboard. The opposite platform is devoid of loose items, but does hold the boss chest, where any items you are sent here to recover may be found.

How to kill the Werewolf in driftshade refuge?

Both cages have apprentice-level locks, and while the cage with the werewolf holds three legs of goat, the other cage holds only a dead horse. You can attack and kill the werewolf in the cage before unlocking the cage, but it will be considered an assault.