What is Conformiq tool?

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What is Conformiq tool?

Conformiq: Automatic Software Testing Instead of using test cases, Conformiq users have a model, which describes the System Under Test, or the product they want to test. The tests generated are optimized for fast execution and create known coverage, improving the quality of your product.

What is Conformiq creator?

Conformiq Creator ™ is the most automated and. technically advanced test design tool, making it the most technically capable MBT tool for test design of enterprise and IT applications, including web services, user interfaces, middleware, APIs, mainframes, mobile, and end-to-end systems.

What type of diagram you can create in conformiq creator?

Activity diagrams offer a flow chart like modeling notation which is commonly used to describe overall desired system operation. Conformiq Creator supports a subset of standard activity diagram symbols to specify control flows as well as data flows in activity diagrams.

What are the different type of licensing mechanism for conformiq?

Conformiq offers several license types: time-based and perpetual license terms for named user (NUL), Local Area Network (LAN), and Wide Area Network (WAN) operation.

What is model based test automation?

Model-based testing (MBT) means using models for describing test environments and test strategies, generating test cases, test execution and test design quality. Using MBT tools like fMBT or Modbat, you interpret this behavior to develop manual testing scripts. The tool generates scripts for automated testing.

What is WinRunner testing tool?

Win Runner is widely used Automated Software Testing Tool for Functional testing. It was developed by Mercury Interactive. It supports C and web technologies such as (VB, VC++, D2K, Java, HTML, Power Builder, Delphe, Cibell (ERP)). WinRunner facilitates easy test creation by recording how you work on your application.

Which of the following is a type of configuration testing type?

Configuration Testing can also be classified into following 2 types: Client level Testing: Client level testing is associated with the usability and functionality testing. This testing is done from the point of view of its direct interest of the users.

What is the fork node?

Fork node is a control node that has one incoming edge and multiple outgoing edges and is used to split incoming flow into multiple concurrent flows. Fork nodes are introduced to support parallelism in activities. As compared to UML 1.5, UML 2.0 activity forks model unrestricted parallelism.

What type of diagram activity diagram is?

An activity diagram is a behavioral diagram i.e. it depicts the behavior of a system.

Can unit test cases be automated?

Unit testing is a software development and testing approach in which the smallest testable parts of an application, called units, are individually and independently tested to see if they are operating properly. Unit testing can be done manually but is usually automated.