Which is the worst football team in the world?

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Which is the worst football team in the world?

The team Besiktas Istanbul is regarded as the rowdy and hooligans supporters base. Their competition matches against Galatasaray and Fenerbache which held worst football hooligans in the world. 3. Boca Juniors, Argentina The Boca Juniors against the River Plate is repeatedly dubbed the huge Football game in the world.

Where are the worst hooligans in the world?

Most 20 Worst Football Hooligans In The World 1 Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2 Besiktas Istanbul, Turkey. 3 Boca Juniors, Argentina. 4 Dynamo Dresden, Germany. 5 Dynamo Zagreb, Croatia. 6 FC Barcelona, Spain. 7 Flamengo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 8 Galatasaray Istanbul, Turkey. 9 Glasgow Rangers, Scotland. 10 Lazio Roma, Italy.

Which is the worst soccer hooligan group in Europe?

The Bad Blue Boys belongs to the worst soccer hooligan groups in Europe. They are also known for their vocal and physical pressure at soccer matches. The aggressive of the group has hundreds of members who fight with any enemy firm but their biggest opponents are hooligans of the Red Star Belgrade. 6. FC Barcelona, Spain

Who are the hooligans of Millwall Football Club?

The hooligan firm of infamous English football club Millwall, the Bushwackers take their (misspelled) name from the American Civil War ambushers, and no one would want to be attacked by these nasty Brits.

Which is the worst football club in the world?

The Zulu’s and other spin-offs of the original hooligan group of the club are some of the worst in all of England. The 1985 riot involving fans of Birmingham and Leeds United is one of the worst in football history. SS Lazio 16 of 20 Rome is home to two major clubs  (AS Roma and SS Lazio) who share the Stadio Olympico.

Who are the most dangerous hooligans in football?

Football hooliganism may not be the problem it once was, but the names of some of its firms are enough to strike fear into the hearts of opposing supporters and bystanders alike. Here’s our list of seven of the most notorious.

Where are the worst hooligans in the UK?

The force has been carrying out a crackdown on the rise in violence in the wake of a series of serious incidents. Crowds at Birmingham City were named the worst-behaved in the country last season while large-scale trouble broke out at Stoke City’s derby with Port Vale in December.

Which is the most violent football club in England?

Millwall is said to have bred football hooliganism in the 1960’s and is notorious for its fan violence among rival clubs. With everything from bottles to even hand grenades thrown during matches Millwall fans are among the most violent in England.