How did Muneeb and Aiman meet?

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How did Muneeb and Aiman meet?

Aiman Khan says she was very young when they first met during the shooting of a telefilm and after it they were disconnected. ‘We collaborated in another project after the telefilm. Muneeb used to call me his sister.” She further said Muneeb had also introduced her to his mother saying ‘She is like my sister.”

What is the age difference between Aiman and Muneeb?

Aiman Khan And Muneeb’s Age Difference Aiman and Muneeb have an age difference of whooping 12 years between them. When both of them first worked together and got to know each other, she was just 16 years old.

Who is Aiman Khan sister?

Minal Khan
Aiman Khan/Sisters

What is the age of Amal Muneeb?

2 years (2019)
Amal Muneeb/Age

Are Aiman and Minal twins?

Aiman Khan (Urdu: ایمن خان‎, pronounced [ə. ˈiː. mən xaːn]; born on 20 November 1998) is a Pakistani television actress. Her performance in Ishq Tamasha (2018) and Baandi (2018) earned her nomination for Best Actress at Hum Awards….

Aiman Khan
Relatives Minal Khan (twin sister)

How old is Ayeza Khan?

30 years (January 15, 1991)
Ayeza Khan/Age

Who is younger Aiman or Minal?

Minal khan was born on November 22, 1998. She is 18 years old. She started acting when she was only 14 years old. Eldest one is Aiman and Minal is youngest.

Are Minal and Aiman twins?

Who is more pretty Aiman or Minal?

Aiman Khan is clearly more popular than Minal Khan on social media, something which is evident from the number of followers they have on Instagram. This surely shows that the reason why Aiman Khan has bagged more projects in lead roles recently is that she has more fan following than Minal Khan.

Who is more famous Aiman or Minal?

Does Ahsan Khan have a twin brother?

Yasir Khan
Ahsan Khan/Brothers
He was born in London on 9 October 1981, into a family of five siblings; an elder brother, two elder sisters and a twin brother, who is an author and poet ( Yasir Khan ) from London.