Where was Natasha during the three days she went missing?

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Where was Natasha during the three days she went missing?

Terms in this set (16) where was natasha during the three days she was missing, and why was she distraught when she returned? natasha was missing at the bridegroom’s hut in the forest. she was distraught when she returned because in the hut 12 young men came in and killed and cut off a pure beautiful girl.

What is Pushkin famous for?

29 January] 1837) was a Russian poet, playwright, and novelist of the Romantic era. He is considered by many to be the greatest Russian poet, and the founder of modern Russian literature. Pushkin was born into Russian nobility in Moscow.

What is the poem The bridegroom about?

The Bridegroom is a short story depicting the unfair treatment towards women. This story starts out by describing a woman who has disappeared and has obviously witnessed something horrible. She is afraid to tell anyone because she is a girl and it is obvious that no one will believe her.

What is the theme of I Love You by Alexander Pushkin?

‘I Loved You’ by Alexander Pushkin is a simple but effective poem in which the speaker expresses his devotion and respect for a woman he loved. He tells the listener, his past beloved, that despite the end of whatever relationship they had, he still maintains some love in his heart for her.

Why did Natasha Ryan hide?

Before she vanished, Ryan ran away on a number of occasions before meeting Black and deciding to leave her life for good. In later interviews, she said by the time she wanted to reunite with her mother, it was too late — the lie had become too big. And so she hid.

Did Natasha have the evil dream describes?

Did Natasha have the “evil” dream she describes? No, she is using the dream to make her case.

What should I read by Pushkin?

7 Novels by Pushkin You Need to Read

  • Eugene Onegin. Eugene Onegin is a novel written in verse, and is one of the most influential works of Pushkin in particular and for Russian literature in general.
  • The Captain’s Daughter.
  • Boris Godunov.
  • Little Tragedies.

What is the climax of the bridegroom?

What was the climax in this story? The climax is when she says and from whose hand does this ring come from because that is when everyone realizes that her dream is real and that the groom is the one who killed the girl.

Who is the author of the bridegroom by Ha Jin?

Word Count: 1713 Ha Jin, a professor of English at Emory University, won the National Book Award for his novel Waiting (1999) and has also published In the Pond (1998), another novel, the short-story collections Ocean of Words (1998) and Under the Red Flag (1997), and the poetry collections Facing Shadows (1996) and Between Silences (1990).

What happens at the end of the bridegroom?

Right after the doctor tells Cheng that Baowen has a congenital orientation, not a curable disease, Cheng looks out a window and sees a flock of birds in flight. He notices one flying out front with food in its mouth and the others seeming to give chase.

How is Baowen a renegade Sparrow in the bridegroom?

Cheng imagines that a single renegade sparrow, having a complete set of organs like the others, can disrupt the order of its entire society, just as a political dissenter can disrupt human society. Thinking along this line allows Cheng to prepare himself to accept the full measure of the law, whatever the offense warrants, applied to Baowen.

What happens to Fuhai in the bridegroom?

Fuhai’s behavior echoes that of Shen Manjin, a character in “Broken,” who betrays his lover, Wang Tingting, to save his own hide. After she commits suicide Manjin drowns his sorrows in alcohol, but is not severely punished himself.