Is there treasure off the coast of Florida?

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Is there treasure off the coast of Florida?

Treasure has been found consistently.” Johanson’s grandfather was the main salvager of the shipwrecks and she estimates there’s a lot more treasure to still be found off Florida’s coast. And Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum in Sebastian is dedicated to it.

How many shipwrecks are off the coast of Florida?

There are an estimated 1,000 shipwrecks off the Florida Keys Many of these wrecks have tales to tell. They can tell us about individuals who came before us, why they were here, and their difficulty in navigating these waters.

Do you need a permit to metal detect in Florida?

In Florida, the use of a metal detector usually doesn’t require a permit. You are free to use one on public beaches without fear. Trespassing on private property, of course, remains illegal. Any object that has rested beneath Florida waters for 50 years or more is considered property of the state.

Where did Spain get their gold?

Almost overnight, Spain became very rich taking home unprecedented quantities of gold and silver. These were stolen from the Incas and the mines that the Spanish came to control. The gold was used by the Spanish monarchy to pay off its debts and also to fund its ‘religious’ wars.

Is there any real pirate ships left?

The Whydah, which sunk in 1717, is the only pirate ship that’s ever been found. A former slave ship, it was the flagship of the infamous “Black Sam” Bellamy. Discovered by Barry Clifford in 1984, its treasures are still being recovered.

What was the name of the shipwreck in the Florida Keys?

A Spanish galleon that sank 40 miles (64 km) off the coast of Key West. The wreck was found on 20 July 1985 by treasure hunters, who soon began to raise $400 million in coins and silver. A ship in the 1733 Spanish Plate Fleet that was wrecked along the Florida Keys.

Where was the Spanish treasure found in Florida?

He was able to dig out 22 silver coins he estimates are worth about $6,000. Twelve Spanish galleons laden with treasures from the New World were bound for Spain on July 31, 1715, but 11 were lost during a hurricane off the coast of Florida.

Why was the Spanish shipwreck called the Treasure Coast?

“Not everyone knows why it’s called the Treasure Coast,” Martinez told the newspaper. “This is why.” Twelve Spanish ships packed with treasures from the New World were headed for Spain on July 31, 1715, but 11 of the galleons were lost during a hurricane off the Florida coast.

What did the treasure hunters find on the shipwreck?

“Our metal detectors were catching target after target,” Smith told WPEC. “We found 22 beautiful Spanish coins from the 1715 treasure shipwreck that were all hammer-struck … You can lick it and taste the saltwater.” But the discovery isn’t even the most lucrative find of Martinez’s 24-year treasure-hunting career.