Where is John Stallworth?

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Where is John Stallworth?

Tuscaloosa, AL
John Stallworth/Place of birth

Is Lynn Swann married?

Charena Swannm. 1991
Bernadette Robim. 1979–1983
Lynn Swann/Spouse

Who was better Swann or Stallworth?

Stallworth actually had a better yards per-catch average in the 1975, 1977, 1978, 1980, and 1981 seasons. Not only did John Stallworth play five more seasons than Lynn Swann, he excelled during that time.

What Pittsburgh Steelers are in the Hall of Fame?

Steelers in the Hall of Fame

  • Mel Blount. Class of 1989.
  • Terry Bradshaw. Class of 1989.
  • Jack Butler. Class of 2012.
  • Dermontti Dawson. Class of 2012.
  • Bill Dudley. Class of 1966.
  • Joe Greene. Class of 1987.
  • Jack Ham. Class of 1988.
  • Franco Harris. Class of 1990.

Who wore 88 for the Steelers?

Lynn Swann

Lynn Swann
No. 88
Position: Wide receiver
Personal information
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)

How fast was Lynn Swann?

Swann ran a 4.55.

What was Hines Ward 40 yard dash?

4.55 seconds
Hines Ward/40 yard dash time

Who is the Steelers best wide receiver 2020?

Most would still consider JuJu Smith-Schuster and Diontae Johnson as the top two receivers on the team – meaning that Chase Claypool and Washington are among the best WR3 and WR4 in the game.

How good was Lynn Swann?

For his nine-year career, Swann had 336 receptions for 5,462 yards, and 51 touchdowns. He was a three-time Pro Bowler and won four Super Bowls with the Steelers’ dynasty in the ’70s.

How many numbers have the Pittsburgh Steelers retired?

The Pittsburgh Steelers only have two officially retired jersey numbers. The No. 70, previously worn by Hall of Fame defensive lineman Ernie Stautner, and the No. 75, the number previously worn by “Mean” Joe Greene. While these are the only two numbers that have been officially retired by…

What number did the Pittsburgh Steelers retire?

The Steelers don’t retire numbers lightly. The only other time they retired a number was in 1964 when the Steelers retired the number 70 for Ernie Stautner, also a DT. It’s amazing that it has been 50 years since the Steelers retired a number and it’s pretty exclusive company.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers become the Steelers?

Team History. The Pittsburgh Steelers were founded by Arthur J. Rooney on July 8, 1933. Now the seventh-oldest franchise in the NFL, the Pittsburgh team was known as the Pirates until 1940. The Steelers struggled for their first 40 years without winning a championship of any kind until they won the AFC Central division title in 1972.