What country was Euro 2012?

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What country was Euro 2012?

Spain became the first team to win two consecutive European Championships, and also three straight major tournaments (Euro 2008, 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012)….UEFA Euro 2012.

Mistrzostwa Europy w Piłce Nożnej Polska/Ukraina 2012 (in Polish) Чемпіонат Європи з футболу Польща/Україна 2012 (in Ukrainian)
Champions Spain (3rd title)

Who won Euro 2012 final?

Spain national football team
UEFA Euro 2012 Final/Champion

Where did the Euro 2012 final take place?

The UEFA Euro 2012 Final was a football match that took place on 1 July 2012 at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, to determine the winner of UEFA Euro 2012.

Who are the two host nations for Euro 2012?

Ukraine and Poland were both assigned to Pot 1 as the two host nations, despite the fact that their rankings were the two lowest in the tournament; this also occurred in 2008 when the co-hosts Switzerland and Austria were also ranked below all other qualified teams.

What was the name of the European Football Championship in 2012?

The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro 2012 or simply Euro 2012, was the 14th European Championship for men’s national football teams organised by UEFA.

Who was in Group B of Euro 2012?

Group B of UEFA Euro 2012 began on 9 June 2012 and ended on 17 June 2012. The pool was made up of the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Portugal. Germany and Portugal progressed to the quarter-finals, while Denmark and the Netherlands were eliminated from the tournament.

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