What are some German Christmas foods?

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What are some German Christmas foods?

The traditional Christmas meal features duck, goose, rabbit or a roast. This main dish is accompanied by German delicacies such as apple and sausage stuffing, red cabbage and potato dumplings. Dessert typically includes Christmas Stollen, considered one of the best Christmas pastries in the world!

What is a German Christmas tradition?

Advent wreath – Adventskranz Many families in Germany will put an Advent wreath on their coffee table on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, the first day of Advent. The wreath, usually made from evergreen or pine, features four large candles and is decorated with berries, dried fruits and pinecones.

Do Germans eat stuffing?

On December 24th and/or 25th, German Christmas food usually involves roast duck, goose, or even wild boar. This is usually served with potato dumplings, red cabbage, and apple and sausage stuffing. For dessert there is nothing better at Christmas than a famous Stolle fruit cake or Lebkuchen biscuits.

Why do Germans eat goose at Christmas?

In 1588, Queen Elizabeth I of England ordered everyone to have roast goose for their Christmas meal because it was the what she had been doing when news of the English victory over the Spanish Armada reached her. Goose then became the traditional Christmas dish in England and spread from there to Germany.

Where does the recipe for German Christmas cookies come from?

The recipe originated from Austria but has become a classic among German Christmas cookies. Beaten egg whites are the secret behind the wonderfully light texture of macaroons, which can be made several weeks before Christmas and placed in a tin.

What kind of spices are used in Germany?

Common Christmas spices include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper, and allspice. Cinnamon is so closely associated with Christmas, that its smell causes Germans to say, “Hier riecht es nach Weihnachten!” (It smells like Christmas in here!) Nuts are used extensively in German baking, especially at Christmas time.

What kind of food do they eat in Germany?

Christmas baking in Germany starts early and extends through New Years. Many traditional baked goods can only be found during the Christmas season. Lebkuchen, springerle, cardamom, dominosteine, among others. are made with spices not commonly used other times of the year.

What are the most popular Christmas treats in Germany?

One of the most popular marzipan treats is realistic-looking marzipan potatoes . Also popular for the New Year is gifting friends and family with little marzipan pigs or Glücksschwein. Traditionally, a prosperous German family would give a pig.