What is the atomic number of dysprosium?

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What is the atomic number of dysprosium?

Dysprosium/Atomic number

What is the symbol for dysprosium?


Dysprosium (Dy), chemical element, a rare-earth metal of the lanthanide series of the periodic table. Dysprosium is a relatively hard metal and is silvery white in its pure form. It is quite stable in air, remaining shiny at room temperature.

What group number is dysprosium in?

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Group Lanthanides Melting point
Period 6 Boiling point
Block f Density (g cm−3)
Atomic number 66 Relative atomic mass
State at 20°C Solid Key isotopes

What is the driest element?

Dysprosium is never found in nature as a free element, though it is found in various minerals, such as xenotime….

Appearance silvery white
Standard atomic weight Ar, std(Dy) 162.500(1)
Dysprosium in the periodic table

How common is dysprosium?

The abundance of dysprosium is 5.2 mg/kg in the Earth’s crust and 0.9 ng/L in sea water. Natural element 66 consists of a mixture of seven stable isotopes. The most abundant is Dy-154 (28%). Twenty-nine radioisotopes have been synthesized, plus there are at least 11 metastable isomers.

Is dysprosium poisonous or hazardous?

Soluble dysprosium salts, such as dysprosium chloride and dysprosium nitrate, are mildly toxic when ingested. The insoluble salts, however, are non-toxic. Based on the toxicity of dysprosium chloride to mice, it is estimated that the ingestion of 500 g or more could be fatal to a human.

How is dysprosium used today?

Dysprosium is used in data storage applications such as compact discs and hard discs. It is also used in medium source rare-earth lamps (MSRs) in the film industry. Dysprosium iodide is used these lamps to produce an intense white light. With vanadium, dysprosium is used in laser materials.

Dysprosium Dysprosium is a chemical element with symbol Dy and atomic number 66. Classified as a lanthanide, Dysprosium is a solid at room temperature.

What is the melting point of dysprosium oxide?

Dysprosium has chemical symbol Dy. Its atomic number is 66 and atomic weight is 162.5. Dysprosium melting point is 1407 O C and boiling point is 2562 O C. Its density at room temperature is about 8.540 g/cm 3. Dysprosium is chemically active metal. It is slowly tarnished in the air and burn to form dysprosium (lll) oxides.

Why is the element dysprosium used in nuclear reactors?

Dysprosium is used for its high thermal neutron absorption cross-section in making control rods in nuclear reactors, for its high magnetic susceptibility in data storage applications. Dysprosium is a chemical element with atomic number 66 which means there are 66 protons in its nucleus.

Which is the most stable isotope of dysprosium?

Dysprosium is composed of seven isotopes: 156 Dy, 158 Dy, 160 Dy, 161 Dy, 162 Dy, 163 Dy and 164 Dy. They all are stable except 156 Dy, which has a half-life of over 1 x 10 18 years.