What disabilities can play wheelchair basketball?

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What disabilities can play wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball is basketball played by people with varying physical disabilities that disqualify them from playing an able-bodied sport. These include spina bifida, birth defects, cerebral palsy, paralysis due to accident, amputations (of the legs, or other parts), and many other disabilities.

Who is eligible to play in wheelchair basketball?

PLAYER Any individual who, because of permanent severe leg disability or paralysis of the lower portion of the body, will benefit through participation in wheelchair basketball and who would be denied the opportunity to play basketball, were it not for the wheelchair adaptation, is eligible.

Can a person with a disability play basketball?

However, at this time, athletes are only allowed to compete internationally if they have a disability. Wheelchair basketball retains most major rules and scoring of basketball, and maintains a 10-foot basketball hoop and standard basketball court.

Are there any accessible sports for the disabled?

As the Paralympics approach, many disabled people are prepared to be inspired to consider taking part in accessible sports. One such option is wheelchair basketball and, if you are keen to start playing the game, you’ll need to understand wheelchair basketball rules.

Is there Double Dribble rule in wheelchair basketball?

A player may wheel the chair and bounce the ball simultaneously, however, if the ball is picked up and/or placed on the player’s lap, he/she is only allowed to push twice before they are obligated to shoot, pass, or dribble the ball again. There is no double dribble rule in wheelchair basketball.

Who are the people who play wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball is a special sport for people who have physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, congenital disabilities, leg amputation, Spina Bifida, paralysis due to accidents, polio, and a ton of other limitations. If you live with any of the above classifications, it means one thing.

Are there any exceptions to rules for wheelchair basketball?

The exceptions are rules which have been modified with consideration for the wheelchair. For example, “travelling” in wheelchair basketball occurs when the athlete touches their wheels more than twice after receiving or dribbling the ball.

How is the scoring system for wheelchair basketball?

The scoring system in wheelchair basketball has been overhauled to help make the sport more accessible to athletes with disabilities. To ensure that games are fair, players are classified from 1 to 4.5. This score accounts for each player’s disability and assesses its impact upon their wheelchair basketball performance.

What kind of sports can you play in a wheelchair?

The adapted sports, which included: wheelchair netball, wheelchair darts and, eventually, wheelchair basketball, promoted light physical activity and gave Stoke Mandeville patients an opportunity to experience more relaxed social interaction.