What does Cor ad cor loquitur?

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What does Cor ad cor loquitur?

“Cor ad Cor is taken from the motto of the 19th century leader of the Oxford Movement, Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman. He chose ‘Cor ad Cor loquitur’ as his cardinal motto in 1897. It translates as “heart speaks to heart”. In our society we equate “heart” with love.

Who said Cor ad Cor loquitur?

Conversion and ongoing spiritual conversation will partake of reason but also will remain the language of the heart for the pilgrim soul who, when he was elevated to Cardinal, adopted from Saint Francis de Sales the motto cor ad cor loquitur, heart speaks to heart.

Who said heart speaks to heart?

St John Henry Newman
HEART speaks to HEART St John Henry Newman chose “Heart speaks unto Heart” as the motto to go on his coat of arms when he became a Cardinal in 1879. Inspired by these words spoken by St. Francis de Sales, Newman calls us to hear God speaking to our hearts and to listen for our mission from God.

What does heart speaks to heart mean?

a serious conversation between two people, usually close friends, in which they talk honestly about their feelings: We had a heart-to-heart over a bottle of wine. a heart-to-heart talk/chat.

How do you connect with your heart?

Try this simple meditation to connect with the energy of your heart:

  1. Sit somewhere and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Picture it.
  4. Let your thoughts and feelings come and go without judgment.
  5. Simply relax and see what your heart has to say.
  6. Take all the time you want to listen to your heart.

How do I speak with my heart?

Here are 5 ways to speak from your heart:

  1. Strike a heart and emotional balance. Speaking from your heart doesn’t mean reacting to your emotions.
  2. Be clear on what you mean to say. Say what you have to say.
  3. Your words matter.
  4. Sometimes your best way to speak is not saying anything at all.

Do you love with your heart or your brain?

Anecdotally, love is a matter of the heart. However, the main organ affected by love is actually the brain.

How do you love with an open heart?

Here are some ways to open your heart more fully.

  1. Breathe into painful emotions. Whenever a painful feeling, memory or situation arises, instead of running away or masking the hurt, take some deep breaths and lean in.
  2. Tune into the messages of your heart.
  3. Follow your bliss.
  4. Spend time alone.
  5. Connect with others.

Why is it important to speak from the heart?

Speaking from the heart makes delivering a presentation easy. Anytime you’re passionate about a topic, you’ll find it’s easy to talk to others about it. Having others hear about something that was important to you boosted your confidence, which made your presentation even better.

Should you follow your heart or your head when it comes to love?

Listening to your head may lead to more tangible success, but not following your heart increases your risk of regret, so if you want to lead a more satisfying life, follow your heart.