How do you get Joana out of Gomorrah?

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How do you get Joana out of Gomorrah?

Joana agreed to Carlitos’ plan. Talk to her once you’re ready to escort her during the escape. Joana will wait, in disguise, at Gomorrah’s lobby. go there and lead the girls to Freeside. Help Joana, and the girls, in their escape to Freeside.

How do I investigate Gomorrah?

Talk to the receptionist in Gomorrah about Omerta activities. Talk to Cachino in Gomorrah for Mick. Someone in the casino should know how to contact him. Talk to Cachino about suspicious Omerta activities, perhaps someone else in Gomorrah knows how to find him.

Who runs the Gomorrah?

Gomorrah Hotel and Casino is one of the few remaining casinos on the New Vegas Strip in 2281. It is a favorite of NCR troopers, who often gather in large numbers outside. The casino is managed by the Omertas, one of the Three Families working under the oversight of Mr. House in 2281.

How much can you win Gomorrah?


Casino Maximum Winnings Huge Reward (75%)
Gomorrah 9000 Combat armor, reinforced
Sierra Madre casino 10000 Complimentary voucher
The Tops 10000 High Roller’s suite key
Ultra-Luxe 15000 Bon Vivant suite key

Where is Joanna in Gomorrah?

the Gomorrah Casino
Joana is a prostitute at the Gomorrah Casino in 2281.

Where is Cachino?

the Gomorrah casino and hotel
Cachino is a member of the Omertas family living in the Gomorrah casino and hotel in 2281.

How do you get upstairs in Gomorrah?

Layout. Big Sal’s office is located upstairs from the main casino floor of Gomorrah, next to the Zoara Club. In order to reach this area, the Courier must first go through Brimstone. Next to the bar are two red couches, and a stairway leading upstairs.

How do I get a free troike contract?

You can also find a Troike blackmail note in Big Sal’s office safe. You can get the password from the boss by stealing it, open the safe by yourself or hack the terminal to open it. Return to Troike (M7G:2) and tell him that he is free of his contract.

Can you gamble at Vault 21?

Although the theme of this vault revolves around gambling, and there are gaming tables around, it is not possible to gamble in this location.

How many chips can you win at Gomorrah?

Gomorrah: 9,000 Chips. The Tops: 10,000 Chips.