What does Lament Configuration do?

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What does Lament Configuration do?

The Lament Configuration or LeMarchand Configuration is one of the most notorious puzzle boxes in the world. It posses the power to open the gates of hell and unleash the cenobites to claim the flesh of the unlucky victim who opens the box. It is one of many artifacts that can open the gate.

What does the Lament Configuration do in DBD?

The dreaded puzzle box from Hellraiser, The Lament Configuration spawns on the map as an item. If left alone, The Lament Configuration will initiate a Chain Hunt, which will fire chains at Dead By Daylight Survivors without Pinhead’s direct intervention.

What happens when you solve the Lament Configuration?

The Lament Configuration is a fictional lock puzzle or puzzle box appearing in horror stories by Clive Barker, or in works based on his original stories. The solution of the puzzle creates a bridge through which beings may travel in either direction across this “Schism”.

Why would anyone open the Lament Configuration?

In every Hellraiser film, the Lament Configuration’s purpose is to open the gateway between the human world and Hell. This gate is opened whenever anyone solves the puzzle, but importantly, the person opening it has to on some level be amenable to the sadistic “pleasures” it has in store.

What’s the point of hellraiser?

Its plot involves a mystical puzzle box which summons the Cenobites, a group of extra-dimensional, sadomasochistic beings who cannot differentiate between pain and pleasure. The leader of the Cenobites is portrayed by Doug Bradley, and identified in the sequels as “Pinhead”. Hellraiser was filmed in late 1986.

What happens if you solve the box DBD?

The puzzle box will randomly spawn somewhere across the map. When a survivor is solving a puzzle box, Pinhead can see and teleport to their location instantly. This symbol of sadomasochism and British horror is now available for players to try out through the PTB.

What does Pinhead do in DBD?

Pinhead possesses a unique power known as the Summons of Pain. This ability allows Pinhead to open a portal and summon a chain to attack Survivors. Once the chain binds players, they will be unable to sprint, and their movement speed is decreased.

How big is the lament configuration?

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Is Pinhead evil or good?

Pinhead is not a villain according to this definition, because he does not commit immoral acts. Since he is a demonic creature from another dimension simply behaving according to his nature, he is technically incapable of murder and is no more evil than a mosquito or a poisonous snake that inadvertently kills a human.