What is alien registration number on visa?

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What is alien registration number on visa?

An Alien Registration Number (“A-Number”, “Alien Number” or “USCIS Number”) is a seven-to-nine-digit number that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services gives to most immigrants who apply to live in the United States. USCIS is a division of the department of homeland security.

Is alien number same as Visa number?

The government uses the Alien Registration Number to identify you as a person. The USCIS case number is 13 digits and always starts with 3 letters and then 10 numbers. Your A-number (seven to nine digits) remains the same across your documents, visas, or green cards issued.

How do you get an alien registration card?

Applying for an Alien Registration Card (ARC)

  1. Application Form.
  2. Passport.
  3. 1 Color Photo (3.5cm X 4.5cm)
  4. Proof of Residence.
  5. Application Fee of KRW 30,000.
  6. Medical check-up record for tuberculosis (updated 2018.03. 01.)

Where is my alien registration number or a number?

Alien Registration Number or A number found on EAD (OPT, H4 L2 etc) card, Green Card, Immigrant Visa or i140 approval i797c form. USCIS number = A number. What is A number? Alien number or commonly known as ‘A number’ is assigned to each person who intends to immigrate to the USA.

Can a H4 visa holder get a number?

Does H4 visa holder have A number? H4 visa holders do not get A number. The A-number printed on H1B i140 approval is only for the primary H1B.

Do you get an alien number when you apply for a green card?

USCIS assigns an A-Number to all immigrants who apply to live in the United States permanently. If you apply for a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or another type of Immigrant Visa, you will receive an Alien Number (A-Number). If you are a noncitizen on a tourist or business visa, you will not receive an A-Number.

Where do I Find my Immigration Registration Number?

These numbers can be found: On an immigrant data summary, stapled to the front of the individual’s immigrant visa package At the top of a USCIS Immigrant Fee handout On the immigration visa stamp inside that person’s passport (the A-number is called a “registration number” here)