How do I enter a code into mPerks?

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How do I enter a code into mPerks?

Visit Meijer mPerks and sign into your account. Click on the COUPONS tab. Enter the offer code SHARPIE15 in the offer code box near the top right and click enter. The coupon(s) will appear.

Where do I find my mPerks number?

Your mPerks number is your 10-digit mobile phone number. It is also listed in your Meijer Digital account (Meijer Mobile App,, and ) under My Account > General. If you forget your mPerks number, you may email [email protected] or call 1-800-962-7011.

How do I use mPerks online?

Start earning rewards automatically as soon as you buy qualifying items and use your mPerks ID at checkout. Once you’ve earned a reward, it lives under the Earned tab. Just enter your mPerks ID at checkout to use your reward and we’ll handle the rest.

What is a Meijer mPerks account?

With mPerks, you’re automatically rewarded for the way you shop with mPerks, Pharmacy and Meijer Credit Card Rewards. Earn 2% or more back in rewards on qualifying purchases.** Just shop and enter your mPerks ID every time you checkout, track your progress and get rewarded.

Can I use my mPerks for gas?

Customers can also hang onto their rewards and keep filling prescriptions to earn double rewards, saving as much as $1 per gallon on gas or $20 off their next shopping visit. To start earning rewards, customers just go to and sign up in the “rewards” section.

What is my mPerks PIN number?

Visit and log in with your secure email and password. Please visit your General Account Settings page by selecting “Your Account” under “Your Store” at the top of the page. Your PIN will be displayed on your General Account Settings page.

How do I pay with mPerks?

Open the Meijer app and navigate to “Your Account” then “Your Payment Options.” Select “Add Payment Method” and add up to 5 credit cards. After your card is added, opt in to “Link mPerks with your Credit Card.” When you use your linked card, we’ll apply your mPerks for you.

Do you have to pay for mPerks?

why you need mPerks signing up is easy and free!

Do mPerks rewards expire?

No, customers will not lose progress towards mPerks Pharmacy credits. Pharmacy rewards credits earned have a 1-year expiration timeline. Prescriptions dispensed under the Meijer Free Drug Program will not apply toward the mPerks Pharmacy Rewards earn progress.