When was Phi Phi tsunami?

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When was Phi Phi tsunami?

26 December 2004
On 26 December 2004, much of the inhabited part of Phi Phi Don was devastated by the Indian Ocean tsunami. The island’s main village, Ton Sai (Banyan Tree, Thai: ต้นไทร), is built on a sandy isthmus between the island’s two long, tall limestone ridges.

How far did the 2004 tsunami travel?

The Indian Ocean tsunami traveled as far as 3,000 miles to Africa and still arrived with sufficient force to kill people and destroy property.

How many people died on Phi Phi Island?

4,000 people
Around 4,000 people are believed to have died on Phi Phi, though the numbers will never be known. It was here that three of the four Irish victims of the tsunami died.

Why Phi Phi Island is famous?

Phi Phi Island is a collection of six Islands located on the West coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. The Island is probably most famous for the Leonardo Di Caprio movie “The Beach”, which was set in the stunning Maya Bay located on the uninhabited Phi Phi Leh which is the second largest of the Islands.

Is Phi Phi island worth visiting?

Ko Phi Phi is one of those places that takes the worst of Thailand tourism and puts it all in one overpriced location. This place has nothing to offer you can’t get on another island. Thailand is full of beautiful, picturesque tropical islands like Ko Mak, Ko Jum, Ko Chang, Ko Adang, and Ko Lanta.

Where was the tsunami on Boxing Day 2004?

Boxing Day tsunami 2004: How the places affected look now Banda Aceh, Indonesia Grand Mosque, Banda Aceh, Indonesia Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand Phi Phi Village, Ton Sai Bay, Thailand Phi Phi Village, Ton Sai Bay, Thailand Holiday Inn Phuket Resort and Hotel, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand Banda Aceh, Indonesia Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Who are the victims of the tsunami in Thailand?

Three members of one family died when their bungalow in Phi Phi, Thailand, was hit by the tsunami. Amanda Britton, 40, died along with her brother Adrian Lester, 37, and 64-year-old father Keith Lester when the tsunami hit the Thai island of Phi Phi.

Where was Kevin Brickel holidaying when the tsunami hit?

Sound engineer Kevin Brickel, from Hertford, was holidaying in Phi Phi, Thailand with his Thai girlfriend. He celebrated his 32nd birthday three days before the tsunami hit. On Boxing Day his girlfriend left him asleep in their room while she went for breakfast, and when she returned she saw him in the distance walking towards the beach.

When did the tsunami in Banda Aceh happen?

December 28, 2004: People walk past dead bodies and debris on Panglima Polim street in Banda Aceh. December 28, 2004: Debris surrounds the Grand Mosque in Banda Aceh. December 10, 2014: People drive along WR Supratman street in Banda Aceh.