What did Mr White say?

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What did Mr White say?

However, since the paw was cursed, nothing good could come of its use. Mr. White, at his wife’s frenzied insistence, stated “I wish my son alive again,” as his second wish. This followed his first wish that went terribly wrong, when he asked for 200 pounds.

What does Herbert White say in the monkey’s paw?

He says that his father will never see the money. ‘You’ll probably find the money in a big bag in the middle of your bed,’ Herbert joked as he said goodnight to them. In light of these quotes, it is clear that Herbert does not believe at all in the paw.

Was Mr White warned about the monkey’s paw?

The Sergeant Major gives the Whites’ plenty of warning about the dire consequences of the monkey’s paw. Sergeant Major Morris knows that something terrible is going to happen to the White family, but the Whites’ are very casual about trying out the paw, in fact they don’t believe the Sergeant Major’s warnings.

What is the first thing Mr White asks the monkey’s paw to give him?

Mr. White does not know what to wish for because he believes he has everything he could have. His first wish is to get 200 pounds.

Why did Mrs White want the monkey’s paw?

For example, she understands the significance of the Maw and Meggins representative’s visit before her husband does, and she is the one to suggest wishing on the monkey’s paw a second time to bring Herbert back to life. The death of her son and the belief that it might have been prevented nearly drive Mrs.

Why did the fakir want to get rid of the monkey’s paw?

He (the fakir) wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives, and that those who interfered with it did so to their sorrow. The fakir wanted to show people that they should not try to change their fate. They should be content with the life that they have been given and should not try too hard to change their lives.

What was Mr White first wish?

Mr. White’s first wish is for money, two hundred pounds, with which he will pay off his house.

Why did Mr White want the monkey’s paw?

Mr. White is the elderly man who buys the monkey’s paw and uses it to wish for two hundred pounds (British money) in order to pay off the loan on his house. We might see “The Monkey’s Paw” as the story of a foolish man who makes foolish wishes and pays the price.

Why did Mr White wish on the Monkey’s Paw?

Mr. White’s grief is twofold as he laments his son’s death as well as his decision to wish on the monkey’s paw in the first place. Unlike his wife, Mr. White realizes he should have never invited trouble by wishing for the two hundred pounds or to bring Herbert back to life.

What was the monkey’s paw in The Wizard of Oz?

“Monkey’s paw?” said Mrs. White, curiously. “Well, it’s just a bit of what you might call magic, perhaps,” said the sergeant-major, offhandedly. His three listeners leaned forward eagerly. The visitor absent-mindedly put his empty glass to his lips and then set it down again. His host filled it for him.

What did the old man say in the Monkey’s Paw?

The old man rose with hospitable haste, and opening the door, was heard condoling with the new arrival. The new arrival also condoled with himself, so that Mrs. White said, “Tut, tut!” and coughed gently as her husband entered the room, followed by a tall, burly man, beady of eye and rubicund of visage.

Why does Mr White think the paw is evil?

Instead of passing off the knocking as an unrelated coincidence, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that evil stands on the other side, as if believing the paw has punished him for being greedy.