What kind of logo is yellow with red outline?

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What kind of logo is yellow with red outline?

Yellow flower shaped logo with red outline: Chupa Chups Eye shaped squiggle line black on one side and green and white on right side: NVidia Upright silver outlined oval with red neptune fork and bottom half colored blue: Maserati Black slanted rectangle with letter “H” in middle and thin red line under it: THQ

What kind of logo has an orange border?

Oval shaped logo that is dominantly white and a border that is irregular and an orange/brown color: Haagen Dazs Red square with a white quarter circle or perhaps white half rainbow shape on right side: North Face Chrome circle with dark red sort of rounded square shape in middle: Fiat

What are the letters on the logo level 12?

A black round circle beneath with a hand carrying a sword Stylized letters C A E in blue and yellow. There is a horizontal line under the A A green letter S with two elongated ears on top. A yellow lightning bolt. A red rectangle in background with white circle in the middle

Can a red logo be indexed with any other color?

These logos are indexed with no other color than Red. Sub- or supersets of Red combined with another color hold different logos and might even show more logos.

What are some of the logos for Converse?

Red circle with white letter “R” in middle: Rossignol Black square with a gold harp and word “draught” on it: Guinness Circle logo with blue star and “Chuck Taylor” on it: Converse Silver outlined circle logo with thunderbolt in middle: Opel Yellow flower shaped logo with red outline: Chupa Chups

What kind of logo does Alfa Romeo have?

Alfa Romeo – Blue circle outline in gold with English flag and snake Allianz – A blue circle border line with three rectangular shapes in it Windows – Four squares flagged with four different colors: orange, green, blue and yellow form a big flagged square