Who is the current higher education minister?

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Who is the current higher education minister?

C.N. Ashwath Narayan
Department’s Secretariat

Name Designation Code
Sri. C.N. Ashwath Narayan Hon’ble Higher Education Minister, GOK 080
Shri Kumar Naik G., I.A.S Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department 080
Smt. V.T. Rajyashree Deputy Secretary to Government, Higher Education Dept. (Collegiate & Technical) 080

Who is the new education minister of 2020?

List of Ministers

No. Name Term of office
28 Smriti Irani 5 July 2016
29 Prakash Javadekar 30 May 2019
30 Ramesh Pokhriyal (Minister of Education from 29 July 2020 onwards) 7 July 2021
31 Dharmendra Pradhan Incumbent

What percentage of Syria is educated?


Compulsary education duration 9 2012
Government spending on education > Proportion of GDP 5.13% 2009
High school enrolment rate 95.49 2007
Total population 79.6% 2004

Is University in Syria free?

Education is free and compulsory from ages 7 to 15. In 2007, there were 8 million students in the education system of Syria (4 million in basic education, 1.4 million in secondary and 2.3 million in tertiary).

Who is education minister Maharashtra 2021?

Varsha Gaikwad is current Minister of School Education.

Who is the head of Director of Education?

Sri Chidre Shankaraiah Swamy , Director, Secondary Education.

Who is the new education minister in India 2021?

Minister of Education (India)

Minister of Education Shiksha Mantrī
Emblem of India
Incumbent Dharmendra Pradhan since 7 July 2021
Ministry of Education
Member of Union Cabinet

How is the education in Damascus?

Basic education (grades 1-9) is mandatory and is divided into two cycles. The first cycle is four years; the second is five. 6 higher institutes (Higher institutes are public institutions that are supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. Several are also under the supervision of the Damascus University.

What is school like in Syria?

Schooling is divided into six years of primary education (ages 6 to 12), followed by three years of intermediate education (ages 12 to 15), and three years of general secondary or technical secondary education (ages 15 to 18).

What subjects are compulsory in Syria?

The 2001 primary education curriculum included the following subjects: religious education, Arabic language, foreign language [introduced in Grade 5], mathematics, social studies, science and health education, physical education, music and art education. Preparatory education is free and has been compulsory since 2002.

Who is the Minister of Education in Syria?

The Ministry of Education (Arabic: وزارة التربية‎) is a government ministry office of the Syrian Arab Republic, responsible for education in Syria. However, the ministry is only responsible for the lower levels of education, while the Ministry of Higher Education is responsible for higher levels.

When does the academic year start in Syria?

The higher education academic year runs from October to June, and is divided into two semesters. Arabic (Some higher education programs are in French and English.) Teacher training is a priority of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry provides continuing education to improve teachers’ competencies and performance on an ongoing basis.

Who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Syria?

Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister: Faisal Mekdad (born 1954) 22 November 2020 Health Minister: Nizar Wahbeh al-Yaziji (born 1961) Syrian Regional Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party: 27 August 2014 Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Minister: Mohammed Hassan Qatana (born 1956) Syrian Regional Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party

How much money does the Syrian government spend on education?

In 2009, 5.1 percent of Syria’s GDP was allocated to education. The Syrian government plays a central role in the administration, planning, and supervision of education in the country.