How many times has Argentina been in the World Cup?

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How many times has Argentina been in the World Cup?

Commonly known as La Albiceleste, the Argentinian football team has appeared in five World Cup finals, winning two of them in 1978 and 1986. It is one of the only eight teams to have won the world title at least once.

What team does Biglia play for?

Fatih Karagümrük S.K.#6 / Midfielder
Lucas Biglia/Current teams

When did Argentina won FIFA World Cup?

Argentina is one of the most successful national football teams in the world, having won two World Cups in 1978 and 1986. Argentina has been runners up three times: in 1930, 1990 and 2014. The team was present in all but four of the World Cups, being behind only Brazil, Italy and Germany in number of appearances.

How old is Lucas Biglia?

35 years (January 30, 1986)
Lucas Biglia/Age

Who knocked Argentina out of the World Cup 2018?

A star-studded Argentina football team knocked out of FIFA World Cup 2018 after losing 4-3 to France in round of 16 on Saturday evening.

When did Lucas Biglia start playing for Argentina?

Biglia’s first senior international call-up for Argentina was in 2011 and he previously played for the Argentina U20 national team, who won the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship.

How many games has Argentina played in the World Cup?

Argentina has played a total of 81 FIFA World Cup games through 17 tournaments facing 36 rivals. Teams in bold denote world cup winners, teams in italics show teams which played it first match ever in a World Cup against Argentina. Teams with a * mark no longer exist. East Germany was annexed to Germany.

Who was the best player in the World Cup for Argentina?

Eight years after the victory on home soil, Argentina won the World Cup title for the second time. Diego Maradona was voted Best Player of the tournament after scoring five goals and assisting the decisive 3-2 by Jorge Burruchaga in the 84th minute of the final. The match was played in front of a record attendance of 114,600 people.

When did Lucas Biglia sign with Anderlecht?

In July 2006, after one-and-a-half seasons at Independiente, Biglia signed with Belgian Pro League club Anderlecht on a four-year contract and upon joining the club, he took up the number five shirt. Soon after, he was joined by his compatriot teammate Nicolás Pareja, Nicolás Frutos and Cristian Leiva.