What is an annual records solicitation form?

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What is an annual records solicitation form?

The Annual Records Solicitation Form is an official-looking form which appears similar to a form that, in the past, was mailed by the Louisiana Secretary of State and was required to be completed by all registered corporations and limited liability companies.

Is annual report legit?

AnnualCreditReport.com is authorized by federal law and safe to use — as long as you ensure you’re on the correct site. Be aware that your credit reports are free, but credit bureaus also use the AnnualCreditReport.com site to sell credit scores and promote paid services, such as credit monitoring.

What is New York Council for corporations?

The Business Council of New York State, Inc., is the leading business organization in New York State, representing the interests of large and small firms throughout the state. Our membership is made up of roughly 2,400 member companies, local chambers of commerce and professional and trade associations.

What is annual report compliance?

States use the annual report process to collect information about companies – such as the identity of their officers and directors and the name of their registered agent and address of registered office, to determine if the company is still active in their state, to make this information available to the public, and …

How do I find out if my LLC is still active?

To check an LLC’s status, you can request a copy of its Certificate of Standing. A company that is in good standing will have a current Certificate of Good Standing. You can do this for every state.

What is the best site to get a free credit report?

Order online from annualcreditreport.com, the only authorized website for free credit reports, or call 1-877-322-8228. You will need to provide your name, address, social security number, and date of birth to verify your identity.

Where can I file a misleading annual report?

In many instances, the filings that are noted in the misleading solicitations are legal requirements, but they can be filed directly with the state for a much lower fee. We strongly encourage you to report these misleading solicitations to the Secretary of State or Attorney General of the state where your business is registered.

What makes a compliance solicitation look like a letter?

They may or may not include headings that look like official state letterhead. The common theme in these solicitations are quotes of key sections of state compliance law and an offer to file on your behalf for a fee, usually much higher than the state would charge. In some cases, those filings or reports may not, in fact, be required.

What to do if you suspect a solicitation was fraudulent?

Also contact the Secretary of State or Attorney General if you have remitted payment in response to a solicitation that you suspect was fraudulent. You may be able to have your money refunded.

Is the soliciting company affiliated with the Secretary of State?

“SOLICITING COMPANY is not a government agency and is not affiliated with the Secretary of State or any other government agency.” “The SOLICITING COMPANY does not officially represent the State or any other government entity.