What do Elekta do?

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What do Elekta do?

Elekta is a Swedish company that provides radiation therapy, radiosurgery, related equipment and clinical management for the treatment of cancer and brain disorders.

What is Mosaiq treatment?

MOSAIQ® is a complete patient management information system that centralizes radiation oncology, particle therapy and medical oncology patient data into a single user interface, accessible by multidisciplinary teams across multiple locations.

What are the 3 types of radiation treatment?

Radiation therapy can be given in 3 ways:

  • External radiation (or external beam radiation): uses a machine that directs high-energy rays from outside the body into the tumor.
  • Internal radiation: Internal radiation is also called brachytherapy.

What is Metriq?

METRIQ is the leader in cancer registry innovation by pioneering support of multi-state databases. Share treatment and follow-up information without duplicating follow-up for patients at multiple facilities.

Who is the CEO of Elekta?

Gustaf Salford (Nov 26, 2020–)
STOCKHOLM, November 26, 2020 – Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) announced today that Gustaf Salford has been appointed to the role of President and CEO, effective immediately.

What is Varian ARIA?

Varian’s ARIA software system is a comprehensive electronic medical record and image management system that aggregates patient data into an organized, oncology-specific medical chart with functional components for managing clinical, administrative and financial operations for medical, radiation and surgical oncology.

Is radiation therapy the same as radiation oncology?

If your cancer can be treated with radiation, you will be referred to a radiation oncologist — a doctor who specializes in treating patients with radiation therapy. Your radiation oncologist will work with your primary doctor and other cancer specialists, such as surgeons and medical oncologists, to oversee your care.

What kind of radiation therapy does Elekta do?

As clinics become more collaborative and treatments become more personalized, Elekta is using precision radiation medicine to work towards a future where everyone can benefit from precise and individually tailored radiotherapy treatments, regardless of your need or location, Elekta has a solution for you.

How is Elekta Infinity used in cancer treatment?

As the role of radiation therapy in cancer care grows, clinics need to offer a wide range of techniques for different indications. Elekta Infinity is truly multifunctional. High-quality treatments powered by advanced technology provide the freedom to tailor your solution to your clinical needs.

Who is involved in the radiation treatment process?

The radiation oncologist will plan and oversee your treatment, which will be carried out by radiation therapists. In addition, the team looking after you may include nurses, health care assistants, specialist nurses, counsellors and dietitians, according to your needs during your treatment.

How is electron beam radiation used to treat cancer?

The dose of radiation to deeper tissues is minimal. There are 2 ways electron beam radiation therapy can be given: Spot treatment. This is when 1 or more spots on your body are treated. If you’re having spot treatment, you might have a treatment planning procedure called a simulation before you start treatment.